Mar 28, 2011

Yearbook Through the Ages

Just so you know, the editor in chief of our yearbook in college is the foulest creature I happen to have unfortunately met. Without bias to past grudges, I was quite impressed with the overall result. To start off, it weighs 3kg! That’s like the weight of a new born baby.

The amount of time and dedication to edit and deliver a yearbook just in time for graduation with roughly 2,000 students is a logistical nightmare, but they did it. Although I think the art/layout editors feel sleepy in editing the first pages.

There were four or five stand out/unconventional male pictures in the yearbook, but I think mine was least expected. This was supposed to be a casual/everyday wear shot by the way.

And I love our org's group picture. Try spotting me, it's not that difficult.

I must say that among my three yearbooks from elementary to college, my favourite would still be my the High School Memoirs because I don’t get to share my page with anyone. I think I gave a better write up then than now.

I love the content of my elementary yearbook too because it has a cool poem about high school and how to value time.

As I was browsing through the write ups of other people in our college yearbook, I can't help but raise my eyebrows. From what they wrote, you can see their priorities and somehow, maturity must have been misplaced along the way.

Maybe a lot of people will laugh about what they wore or wrote five to ten years from now and realize how narrow they are. Although I enjoyed a lot reading some creative dedications. I also admire those people who took risks in what they wore - like Pau who wore a leopard print top, black fur vests, and high waisted full length harem pants. The challenge is to stand out above the rest without loosing your true identity. It has always been like that in yearbooks, and it's something that we can apply in life.

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