Mar 24, 2011

Encore: Blue Roast 2011

It was a night to remember as our batch gathered to party for the last time as college students. We went to Cantina first before heading straight to Bel Field for the Blue Roast.

Fr. Ben has been Ateneo's president for the past 18 years so it is a must to take a photo with him (even though it's just a replica). He'll be "graduating" with us this March.

San Miguel gave away Strong Ice beers, though I personally don't like beers because they make anyone fat. 

The photo below gave me nightmares that night. It's satiric abomination personified. I can't imagine how people were able to eat this roasted calf while its body is being displayed:| I think there were three or four around Bel Field that night. Que horror!

By around 10pm, the organizers gave a signal that we can get the roses. By this time I was convinced who to give it to, although I'm not sure if I can find her in a crowd that big.

After circling the field twice with Justin, I still can't find Precious. I've known her since high school and I found it fitting to give it to her for some reason. After around 30 mins, Dondie pointed where she was seated. I gave it to her, kissed her cheek then left! Haha! I wasn't even able to take a picture with her! Darn! So we continued taking pictures with our friends instead.

Up Dharma Down played some songs during the Blue Rose giving, by the way. It was followed by the performance of the Blue Babble Battalion then we sang the Alma Mater song. I don't know why, but there's always that shroud of sincerity and awe whenever it is sung.

Fireworks lit the sky at the end of the night!

Then as we were about to leave the area, I saw her with her friends I think waiting for their ride. And that was it! The night seemed more beautiful after that!:D

Congratulations to my batchmates! 

-pictures by me and Jet Garcia

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Julius Marlon N. Dela Cruz said...

Great pictures, as always. :) I actually read your blog, just so you know.