Mar 2, 2011

On John Galliano: Fashion to Make Us Dream

It really affected me and my brother when we heard that Dior fired John Galliano. We all know the story, everyone is like tweeting about it and they all seem happy about Dior's decision.

For me, it was like the death of Alexander McQueen all over again. Yes he made those anti-Semitic remarks and it was unethical on most grounds, but Dior owes so much from him. And he was drunk when he said that.

Before we knew McQueen, there was the Dior Haute Couture. We've watched most of its shows (via youtube) and downloaded the songs.

For my brother, it felt like an overdose of inspiration after seeing those videos. He just can't start an art plate without seeing Dior Haute Couture.

I'm just not sure what they'll do during it's March 4 show.

Then again, it's fashion. In the words of Heidi Klum, one day you're in, the next day you're out.

I still want to see more John Galliano collections — you’re one of the last designers of my generation that still believes in the power of fashion to make us dream. –Olivier Zahm in Purple Diary

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