Mar 15, 2011

Senior Year (Jerrold Tarog)

What makes high school unforgettable are the seemingly little things that are blown out of proportions probably because of our over eager hormones, or because our world is confined in that micro society which in turn allows us to see every moment as something special.

Like in the film Senior Year, you don't need perfect actors or a well rehearsed script to portray what goes in high school. It looked very natural and convincing that even though I came from an all boys school, i was able to relate to most of it: from going up to the highest corridor to observe (and gossip) about other people, to the pains and joys of intrams, even up to the direct and indirect hits of first romantic relationships (na parang tsunami lang kung yumanig).

The film focuses on the last four months before graduation of a batch from St. Fredrick's Academy.  Beyond the usual idyllic discussions in the classroom, you also get to peek into their personal lives. I think finding true acceptance was the highlight of the film - may it be in your families, your own cliques or even in your PE class. It's not only the students who have issues here. The teachers, though a few years older, have not escaped the scrutiny of this high school batch. 

The film, as with any good stuff, left me wanting for more. You can easily find yourself in at least one of the characters and that makes it more special. It makes me want to go back to my high school classroom, in my seat beside the window second to the front and relieve all the times when we think the world revolves around us and our friends. 

We all want to relieve the memory, and we all know why. It is because it happens only once in a lifetime; a memory worth cherishing - a memory called High School

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