Mar 2, 2011

Building a Brand From Scratch

School is done and I'm still drinking 2 cups of coffee a day and waking up as early as 7am. Watching the Rachel Zoe Project series doesn't help either - so excuse me for going bananas.

Right now I'm not sure if I can beat the launch deadline of the Manila Kid brand on April 8 - also my birthday. By that time, I want the designs and the website ready. I should have finalized my suppliers and contacted all the bloggers/contributors I need.

This week should be all about sourcing the right garments and accessories for the merchandise collection of Manila Kid, but I haven't accomplished anything. So this Friday, I'll try to act like superman and make some magic happen.

I've been busy going out with my different set of friends and trying to de-stress myself from all the craziness that school gave me. The people I need - webmaster, graphic designer, creative director and my assistant (aka brother) are all busy with school. Most of these people will be out of the country by April so I need to get things done asap. There's also that commercial which we're planning to shoot by April.

Next week, our logo should be finalized, the layout of the website done and I should be 5 pounds lighter. OMG Manila Kid you better work!

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