Jun 30, 2011

TV Premier

Sorry for being MIA for a couple of days! My gosh! I don't usually survive a week without blogging here but that's what happens when you are "working."

One month after we launched manilakid.com, NBN Channel 4 was gracious enough to air our taped interview for the show SheKa! To those wondering, the assistant of the procducer was the one who contacted me about the interview;) I asked manilakid.com's creative director (Jonard) and fashion editor (Nicole) to accompany me during the interview. It's like the Preview Team! Haha!

This was the firt time we appeared on national TV! I was actually dead nervous. What if I go barok? What if my make up is uneven? What if? What if? We just went with it and based from what we saw on TV, everything went well naman.

The taping was held in Wildlife Center in QC. The place is so Japanese so we took advantage of the scenery to shoot our "chictopia" pictures, though our chictopia accounts are dead na.

AND>>> Here we are sa TV! Finally! I was even eating popcorn and hot chocolate to make the event more ceremonious. Our models also appeared on TV!

Interviewer: Do you have an email where people can contact you?
Nicole: You may email us at www.manilakid.com@gmail.com


Jun 19, 2011

Corporate Slavery

"What's the worst thing that can happen to you in five years?" That was one of the questions they asked us during our organization team building last year. I think I wrote "become fat, poor and drunk", but there was a particular answer that until now bothers me. Corporate Slave.

These are people who are overworked in a passionless environment who's ambition has been shot down by their "need" to earn a living. Their main motivation is the money and the promotion they are working so hard for - to earn more money. Big corporations milk these people for their talent in exchange of sugar-coated sour benefits. There's a fine line between a dedicated hardworking employee and a corporate slave, and probably most people think they're on the former.

Sorry for sounding innocent, but I wonder why some (probably those in their mid-thirties) still stay chained in their jobs even if they've always felt unfulfilled in their position. Maybe it's because they fear change or they've been complacent in their growth. Uncertainty usually gets the best of us, but it's these Magellans who succeed in getting the most out of life, reaching their Spice Islands.

We only live once so we might as well dare to live it and not let the current of traditions or (speaking from experience) family expectations take us away from our ambitions. You shouldn't follow parents dictating that you have to get a job that demands you to wear long sleeves and a tie if you know that this will not contribute to fulfilling your purpose. Maybe it's just another stepping stone, but the corporate world shouldn't dictate what you were born for.

Find and do something that excites you every time you wake up in the morning. As my friend said, find a job that you'd actually pay for.

Jun 18, 2011

Baguio Night Life

Who would have thought that Baguio has a night life? It's easy to think that a city on top of a mountain has its people sleeping by 8pm because of the sleep-conducive environment. Well people, a five minute drive from Burnham park will lead you to the aptly named Nevada Square, Baguio's own version of The Fort.

My friends and I were supposed to go to an artsy bar to chill for the night, but we suddenly craved for something "wilder". Google led us to Nevada Square. Upon arrival, we noticed that no one was in the vicinity. The music was already pumped up and you can see bouncers around the area but people were probably sleeping. We thought since it's a Thursday night, no one would go out... but we were proven wrong. (Wag kasing pumunta ng 9pm, okay?)

Around 11pm, the crowd started to build up. There are no dress codes and you won't see girls in skimpy dresses and skirts because it was freezing! Some of the early crowd were college students, you can see that they came straight from school or a group meeting because they still have their back packs with them!

I don't usually spend more than 500 pesos (not including the entrance) when I party, but I guess Baguio was different - no one would know me if I did something stupid so we drank and danced (may kasama pang jump at pagsipa!) the night away. We also met a group of friendly students from UP Baguio, but unfortunately, we weren't able to exchange contact details. One of them even studied high school in Makati!;)

Amidst the inconsistent DJ, slow bar tenders and pa-hard to get crowd, my friends and I still had a great time! Be sure to check Nevada Square when you visit the city of pines! And in fairness, they have Bed there! ehem!

Jun 12, 2011

Bringing Panache Back to Maynila

Mikey's dad invited us to go to this old Manila restaurant they're trying to renovate in Intramuros. It is very intimidating at first because of the elaborate interiors, but believe it or not, they're opening Barbara's doors to the younger and less flamboyant market. 

We were impressed by how they're able to preserve the furniture and atmosphere of the place - it's like being brought back to another era of extravagance where our Gobernadorcillos and Prayles flirted with Marie Antoinettes. Restaurants like this bring back the lost panache of Manila.

The Red Room where they serve the dinner buffet

The White Room where they serve the lunch buffet

Another thing, we might be shooting the next ads for Manila Kid here;)

Jun 9, 2011

Fresher Image for Brighter Opportunities




I call it giving back to my alma mater, and no, it's not for Ateneo. I'm A Bosco is the "official" merchandise of Don Bosco schools and I'm now their Creative Director! Woohoo! It's a job that I'd do for free because I love making beautiful things and it's one of those channels (making ads) that allow me to exercise and stretch my creativity.

They'll be going international - selling shirts in the Europe and Americas so I thought their ads should soar to international levels. It's like America's Next Top Model getting Andrea Leon Talley as one of their panels. Haha! I also thought that new competitors are on their way selling shirts with the same concept so they had to step it up.

I want to capture the legit Don Bosco vibe - youthful and Italian - which explains the long haired guy, Kevin Roxas. (Take note, he's the Valedictorian for batch 2010!) I asked him to go barefoot in the first set because the boots I brought were too small for him. (hello, size 11 feet!) Among the sets I did, the barefoot shot was my favorite! It looked so natural. That's how you turn wardrobe malfunction into magic;)

Watch out for the next shoot specifically targeted for the international market. It'll be edgier!

By the way, all the clothes (minus the shirts, of course) that were used in this shoot were from my wardrobe. Haha!