Mar 26, 2011

Eyes Are Dry At The Last Goodbye

Writing is my therapy, but no matter how much I've blogged about parting college, I still wasn't prepared for yesterday.

The bell rang signaling the start of the march. Incidentally, a strong wind brushed against the trees and you can feel the the soft warm glow of the sun. It was something you might call the perfect day. From my location, I can see my batchmates forming lines wearing their navy blue togas, uniquely designed only for the Ateneo. This is it!

I never really imagined that I will be able to study in Ateneo because I thought I wasn't smart enough to pass the ACET. And most of my cousins came from La Salle and UST so I didn't have any information on this university prior to my senior year in high school.

Four years ago, the results of the ACET came out and my "more deserving" school mates told me that they did not pass, so I checked the library computer. I ran to my friends as fast as my feet can carry me, on the verge of crying to tell them that I got in Ateneo!

And here I am now blogging about my graduation with my diploma just sitting beside me. The journey wasn't that easy of course. I wouldn't be here without my encouraging friends and tutors. No matter how many F one gets in his quizes, long tests even orals, you won't get us used to it because Magis tells you otherwise.

While I was seated yesterday in the covered courts, I can't help but ask why the organizers chose to hold the graduation here where it is humid and "unceremonial." They can easily afford PICC or some five star hotel. I just realize that hundreds of colleges hold their graduation in PICC (like La Salle) and the experience of the place is shared by a lot of people. Holding it within the confines of our university makes it more solemn and special. This might even be the same place where Ninoy and Noynoy have graduated.

I can't say the same when Rizal said that he spent his happy days here in Ateneo - I'll give that to Don Bosco. But the last four years will be my most enriching and unforgettable. I don't know when I'll see my batch mates again (probably in Bora this April), but I hope that when they leave, they'll always remember why them came to the Ateneo in the first place.

Congratulations Batch 2011!

PS: This is one of the best gifts I got yesterday. After four years, my face finally got published together with my art! And every one of my batchmates will get a copy of this book. Haha!:D

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