Mar 11, 2011

Ripple From Japan's Tragedy

One of our ecovillages is located in the Eastern coast of Japan. I've met some of their family members last October and they are some of the kindest people I know. 

After that 8.9 magnitude quake and seeing the devastation it caused to the countryside, I can only imagine what happened to their families - to the children and the old people living there. Will I ever see them again?

It scares me and my hands are trembling and cold right now while typing this. The images from CNN and BBC spell the end of the world. It makes me remember what happened during Ondoy - but this is like 100 times worse!

It was also reported that a tsunami will hit the Philippines around 2-3 hours from now. Suddenly the world felt like a little smaller. Can't help but worry about the fisher folk families in Orion, Bataan where we stayed during our three-day immersion. They are one of the most vulnerable families in there.

Aside from praying, let us remain calm and call our relatives / our helper's relatives who live near the coast to prepare. Times like these remind us that we live in one world. Pray.

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