Sep 29, 2009

To Koreans Calling The Philippines Monkey Island

People don't crucify me (yet) for wanting this sooo much at this moment of crisis.

Katie Eary's S/S 2010 Inspired by Willian Burroughs' Junky and Naked Lunch Autopsy

I've donated a good deal of my clothes and jackets. I've even wrestled / cat-fought with my brother to donate his Seditionaries666 Bondage Jacket (I've worn this in one of my blogs about being chained up).

I've seen pictures and videos of the volunteers packing and distributing relief goods to the victims and it's overwhelming to see people from all walks of life in action. Good job guys!


To those Koreans calling the Philippines monkey island, nasa amin ang huling halakhak!

People from all nations will one day wake up and realize that the Filipinos have assimilated so much in the international society that they'll be breathing, eating and shitting Filipino culture from morning till evening.

And you'll see me being carried by racist Koreans in my golden carriage with that golden mail costume by Katie Eary while fanning myself with a peacock feather fan made of butterfly wings. Kidding!

But seriously, stop the racial insults. They're really offensive. Remember where you came from Koreans.


I'm not from La Salle but it's one of the nearest school in our place so my donation's with them.

Donate now and save lives!

People would prefer packed cooked food to lessen the hassle of preparing it.

A Video Relief Of Drive Efforts in Ateneo

This is so overwhelming. Keep volunteering guys:D

Nasaan Ang Diyos?

Why does God allow suffering to enter the world (wherein most of the people affected are innocent)? A lot of children and elderly have been stuck on their roofs, hungry, cold and desperate for help. Families have lost their possessions and loved ones because walls collapsed. I even heard over the radio that there's this woman who's about to give birth and she was still stuck on their roof.

And you still see these thieves from Malacanang Palace feasting on the opportunity to make themselves look good. Sorry but I don't see sincerity in them. Anyway...

The question on suffering, evil and pain has been as old as humanity. I was listening to the priest's homily this evening and he said that although this is a mystery (suffering) we cannot comprehend, we must not forget a higher value that outweighs suffering - LOVE.

I'm concerned because people may think that God has abandoned them. New storms are set to hit the Philippines anytime this/next month and other areas are yet to recover. I'm afraid we haven't experienced the worst, but hope remains.

It's great to see the human spirit triumph over our animalistic instincts which only seeks refuge and safety. We see a lot of people going out of their selves in order to secure other people's lives.

People have been more concerned about their neighbors. My brother and I personally went to our kapit bahays and tried to check if we can do something since our house was high and flood only reached 2 inches. We swept their floor full of muck (while still looking fabulous) and it was joy offering your service gratuitously to others.

Nasaan ang Diyos? As St. Paul has said: "You are God." He communicates. He uses a language that we can understand. Through us concerned and sincere people, He makes himself present in the world. Although much of our environment is in such chaos, try to find Him and you'll appreciate the beauty behind this. There must be a reason behind this.

It's great to see God spreading this consciousness in each and everyone of us. Consciousness that is more noble that the safety of our appliances or the food that we have stored. More important than our spotless first floors or our newly bought cars

People have been unified, we have been more hopeful, genuine concern is proven and the bigger picture is unclouded. I just hope everyone can realize that. Let's continue to pray.

The Great Manila Flood

I highly encourage everyone to go beyond ourselves this week and help out in every possible way we can. There are a lot of NGOs who seek volunteers, so instead of wasting time in facebook, watching TV or doing homeworks, let's help by offering our service or at least donating dry clothes, food, medicines, sleeping mats...

So as soon as you finish researching on how you can help the victims, get off the internet and mobilize.


Tropical storm Ondoy flooded thePhilippines with a month’s worth of rain that fell in just six hours. Typhoon Ondoy caused severe rainfall that resulted in the worst flooding of Manilain more than 42 years.

Ondoy poured approximately 13.4 inches of rain on Manila in just six hours, close to the 15.4-inch average for the whole month of September. Typhoon Ondoy beat the previous record of 13.2 inches recorded during a 24-hour period way back in 1967.

The Philippine government declared a “state of calamity” in Manila and around two dozen provinces that were overwhelmed by the storm. Because almost, if not all major roads were clogged by severe flood and filled with stranded motorists, Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo had to take the Metro Rail Transit (MRT), an elevated commuter train, to reach the disaster council office.

The National Disaster Coordinating Council (NDCC) has released its hotlines to everyone who may be in need of assistance. The army, the Red Cross, and even the United States Embassy have been asked for and giving aid to flood victims. To ask for help from your local government units and the NDCC, dial any of the following numbers:

  • 911-1873
  • 912-5668
  • 911-1406
  • 912-2665
  • 911-5061
  • 734-2118
  • 734-2120

And can someone explain why Gloria can waste 20million pesos for a night out while the National Disaster Coordinating Council only has *13* rubber boats!?! God please have mercy on her when Satan grills her in his fiery mouth.

Sep 25, 2009

525,600 Minutes

If I were to die next month, what would I leave the world? What would be my legacy? Is 19 years enough to say that I have completed my mission on Earth? It's such a brief time but one can never know when his time will end.

King Tutankhamen was approximately nine years old when he became a pharaoh and reigned for ten years. He died at a 19 yet he was one of the most famous pharoas to ever live, a legacy worth honoring. While a begar somewhere in Quiapo dies unoticeably at ninety with no one ever knowing his histocrisy and few remember his name.

So how do you measure a life's worth? The song Season's Of Love from the musical Rent comes into my mind. So okay, let's use their unit in measuring a man or woman's life: Love. Quality not quantity of love; Depth and not only breadth of love.

Even if I was so sick with flu, I attended a eulogy service earlier this afternoon and people weren't saying that this guy was a consistent dean's lister of La Salle. They did not emphasize that he's a varsity, a choir member nor a dance troupe member. They mattered to him because of (as cliche as it may get) the way he touched their lives, as a bestfriend, brother and son.

All of a sudden, my low QPI didn't matter that much. Yes, school (different from education) is essential to give you a job, and jobs are important to give you money that you may use to make your lives more comfortable through earthy possesions. I mentioned this because I'd like to attack the ritualists' mentality wherein they study/work for the sake of studying/working or getting money. They loose sight of the bigger picture - that's why we need the humanities subjects, but let's not get into that.

I'd like to share with you what I wrote on my yearbook page back in high school:

As I shut the door and open a new one to embark on another journey on this so called Life, I took a trip back at the familiar memory lane and find myself stuck within its gray alleys. I was once a student, like any other student with hopes to graduate and dreams to excel. But then, after I flipped the pages of my high school life, I found that I was painted in a bigger picture of people existing not for me but because of me. In this four year rollercoaster ride, my greatest success would be the discovery of my identity. My quest then was to achieve excellence in all the fields but I realized that there are more important things than academics. I was able to influence people and that to me is the greatest harvest that I reaped for all the hardwork. I never wanted to be forgotten easily and through the people I have influenced, my memories will be remembered, will be immortalized. With this in mind, I can finally break free. The sand bar is high and I'm ready to leave.

My message hadn't changed after three years.

Every man is an island, we are born and will die alone. All that matters is the love we share with others in between.

When I'm cold and I'm lonely, who will cover me with a thousand sweet kisses?

Dear readers, how do you want to be remembered?

Rest In Peace James

He's the one here singing Chasing Pavements by Adele

We'll miss you!

Sep 22, 2009

This Made My Day

says a lot about the current state of out country

My Simple Request

After exactly a month, Embassy remains to be closed. I am whining not because I go there often but if you'll visit Boni High Street and Serendra, most of the beautiful people of the metropolis who always made tambay there (which we are fond to stare at) are gone, nowhere to be found in Taguig.

Going there feels like drinking ice tea without ice, or coloring a zebra with only white paint.

The McDo which is usually full at of people tired from partying around 2am is almost empty, except for a couple of foreigners and call center agents.

I don't know what happened, maybe they all transfered to Eastwood or Jupiter St. or Alabang but please, I ask the mayor of Taguig to reopen Superclub because a lot of businesses are getting affected:P

All you see are these skater freaks which gives me the chills.

Who to blame: the businessman who was stabbed. Stupid old people.

I hope they open just in time for Mikey's birthday on saturday:D I have this stellar outfit na kasi.

Sep 21, 2009

Something Inspirational

Do we need to stare death face to face before we fill the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds worth of distance run?

I have always marveled at the unwavering strength of the human spirit. In times of leathal adversity, it stands out brighter than the shadow of what we think hope is.

I have to be very careful writing this post. I want to show how much I respect James Manalo for writing these blogs. Even though he was suffering from bone cancer, he still took the effort to write.

It made me realize how fragile life can be.


March 17, 2009

I’m sick.

Actually, I have been sick in the past three months. It’s just not that apparent because I try to hide my ailment from everyone because I really hate it when people see me in my weakest form or when people think that I am too fragile. That is why only those who are really close to me know my real situation. But now, I think I can’t hide it anymore. I just cannot pretend that everything is fine when in reality, I’m deeply wounded. My physical appearance undoubtedly conceals my true condition. There are still a lot of people who think that I just got into an accident, which would explain my use of crutches. Little do they know that I’m just trying to make myself look not sick because I feel awkward whenever people stare at me whenever I walk in a room. Those piercing glances honestly make me feel bad. It’s as if I’m this person who is carrying a very deadly disease to the point that they would do everything just to get themselves away from me. But what can I do? I didn’t wish to be in this position. I didn’t choose to be here. If it had been in my way, I would choose to continue my studies and graduate on time, to be with my friends and act like everything’s perfect, and to be the same old James that I used to be.

At the age of 19, I never thought that I would be diagnosed of having Osteosarcoma. It is the most common bone cancer, which I happen to possess. To be quite honest, it really came to me as a bad surprise when I learned about my condition because I was perfectly healthy prior to my diagnosis. I have been happy and joyful all my life. All my friends and relatives can attest to that. That is why it really makes me sad whenever I think about my condition.

As bad as it may sound, there were really times when I’m in the car then I get to see this person who’s completely homeless lying on the street, then I would just think to myself “Why me? Why not this guy who has relatively nothing much to lose?” Then I would just be left blank; not knowing what to feel. Yeah, I know it’s so selfish and cruel of me to ponder such thing. But I guess the whole cancer thing has not sunk in my mind yet. So, forgive me.

I have also come to realize, now that I’m in this position that we do really tend to forget about how great life is, and how much life has blessed us. Only in times of desperation and desolation do we begin to look back at the things that made our lives special and memorable. Before, I really just value only a limited number of friends because I’m a person who has immense trust issues. I only honestly trust people who I feel comfortable with. But now that I’m out of school, I regret not spending time with most of my friends. I was in this bubble which has prevented me from opening up to other people, and I really, really, seriously regret it.

And now, all I can say is that I’m full of regrets. There are a number of things that I wished I could have done, or could have tried doing, but instead I turned around and backed out. Even if I’m still at the starting point of my treatment, I think I have learned quite a few interesting things already, and I’m excited to learn more as I reach the finish line. And I hope I reach that end point smoothly. That is why I’m securely keeping my fingers crossed till I reach that much awaited point.

But on another note, I feel scared. In the coming weeks, I will be undergoing a series of therapies and a major surgery that could definitely change my whole life. And I am honestly petrified because I think my body and mind are not yet prepared for the changes that are about to happen. When asked by people, I always say that I am ready, but to be really, really honest, I am not. These treatments are very crucial, though vital. But I can’t help but think the of possible bad outcomes that may happen. And I’m scared. I have plans for myself before all this happened, and now I feel like everything has been obliterated in an instant. And I seriously don’t know how to rebuild those plans again because I don’t know where to start, and how to start it. But as my friend would remind me, “Just cross the bridge when you get there.” So, I guess I’ll just do that.

Anyway, I have to rest now. Till next time! :)


July 27, 2009

I may have lung cancer. Just learned this a while ago when I visited my Oncologist this afternoon. Honestly, I kind of expected this na ever since the day my pathologist revealed to my family that my tumor necrosis is only 20% (given the average of 80% -90%). According to my doctors, I am a record holder in their book because I am their only patient EVER who has responded this badly to their treatments. So yeah, my doctor told me that I will not be undergoing the originally planned 4 chemotherapies anymore. Instead, I would have to take 6 more as a way to cure the problem.

Naturally, I didn’t take the news lightly. I honestly felt devastated. I was in shocked from the time it was revealed to me up to the time I got home. I even shed a few tears while I was still in the clinic. I guess it was just my initial reaction to my new situation. Things did even get worse when I was already in the car. I just cried heavily. No one could stop me from crying. No words of encouragement lightened up my feelings at that time. I just couldn’t help it. Thinking that I may not have a life ahead of me destroys me big time. I have always thought and believed that I will surpass this circumstance. But now, I don’t know. I still need to have a CT-SCAN to verify the spread of my cancer cells though, so it’s not really 100% sure yet. But if the spread has really occurred, then probably I would raise the white flag already. Based on what I’ve read in the Internet and what was told to me by my doctors, once the cancer cells spread, especially with the type of cancer that I have now, my cancer would be much harder to cure. And if ever I decide to still fight it, the drugs that will be used on me would be more aggressive, which would then affect my whole body and my mental state badly.

And if I were to die with this sickness, I don’t seriously want to die in pain. I don’t want to allow my body to suffer more from chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is hard, just so you know. I just want to try to make the most of my time with my family and friends. So yeah, that’s pretty much what I want. But I’m sure that my parents wouldn’t agree. But anyway, I’m just hoping for the best now.


August 24, 2009

I miss buying grocery stuff with my family.I miss lifting grocery bags from the car’s trunk to the kitchen. I miss buying Country Style donuts before my TREDTRI class. I miss buying french toast in the morning and eating it during class. I miss staying at the LS benches before class starts. I miss staying at the Conservatory when I get to school in the morning. I miss seeing my friends at the Amphi theater when classes are all over. I miss my long walks with Ken and Tabs. I miss taking pictures with friends. I miss joking around with friends practically anytime and anywhere we feel like joking around. I miss drinking alcoholic drinks with friends in Trinoma. I miss using my laptop in the Conservatory. I miss the free WiFi in school. I miss Mildred’s Chicken Barbeque. I miss Flaming Wings’ Chicken Tenders. I miss Reyes’ Barbeque’s Chicken and Pork Barbeque. I miss Greenplace, EGI, Lair and Agno. I miss my Mercury Drug in EGI. Still can’t recall the real name of the store. Haha. I miss riding the cab with my friends on the way to Glorietta/Greenbelt/Shang. I miss the days when Vickie, Patrick and I would ride the cab in the afternoon from school to Fort just to hang out. I miss going home from Fort, Rockwell, Shang, Glorietta and Greenbelt in a cab. I miss riding the jeepney with Ken from Glorietta or Greenbelt. I miss eating at Greenbelt 1’s McDonald’s. I miss riding the jeepney from school. I miss riding Kenneth’s car. I miss having what-to-wear-today problems. I miss panicking in the morning because the shirt/pants that I want to wear is not ironed yet. I miss looking for my underwears in the morning. LOL. I miss being with family on Sunday masses. I miss going to the mall on Sundays after the mass. I miss lurking around the mall looking for new clothes to buy. I miss my People are People-Zara-Springfield routine whenever I’m in Glorietta. I miss my Topman-Zara-People are People-Springfield routine whenever I’m in Rockwell Powerplant. I miss saving my allowances just to be able to buy another cool shirt/pants/shoes/haircut. I miss having my haircut. I miss staying at Starbucks in Rockwell, 1st floor with friends. I miss studying in Coffee Bean, Robinson’s Place. I miss my Dairy Queen escapades with friends. I miss watching movies with friends. I miss going home late at night because I practically have to go home from Trinoma or somewhere else that’s too far from home. I miss riding the bus from Trinoma to Guadalupe. I miss riding the LRT from Taft to EDSA. I miss riding the MRT from EDSA to Ayala/Guadalupe/Shang /Trinoma. I miss sleeping in hotels with friends for free. Always thanks to Kevin’s dad. I miss Ira’s Fontana Birthday. Everyone I miss now was there. I miss doing study groups at Kenneth’s house. I miss being tutored by JP. I miss doing thesis. I miss it, not love it. I miss sleeping late because of paper works. I miss doing MICREC problem sets. I miss playing badminton professionaly. I miss doing stage plays. I miss all my friends, seriously. Haven’t seen most of them for quite some time already. Generally speaking, I miss my old life.


Lets cherish each other's presence. we can never tell when our days will last.

We all have an inner desire to immortalize ourselves. He has done so through his blog.

Let's pray for his eternal repose.

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Cultural and Educational Attaches of the different embassies will be present during the event to personally answer all your queries with regards to visa processing, scholarships, admission procedures,lodging/ stay and other concerns!


Visit us on September 23-25, 2009 at the

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Sep 18, 2009

Brain Bigger Than A Mosquito's Heart

I wish people had brains bigger than the size of a mosquito's heart. Not driven by uncontrollable passion, nor selfish instinct, nor organized bestiality.

I think educational institutions today are equipping people with the academic and technical skills to devour each other. To refine the needles that suck life blood out and establish their own maggots. To strengthen the wings that will carry them higher, up and away, easily blown by wind. Every step forward is made at the cost of mental and physical pain to someone.

I think we have the Humanities courses to enable us to bring us back to what we ought to be. At the end of the day, we're not engineers, lawyers, doctors nor politicians. We forget that we are still human.

But then one could argue that realizations of this humanness is carried out in our everyday actions through school, work and family life. Yes, but reflection without light can only lead into deeper darkness. We continue to increase the breadth of our experiences but we fail to ground and refine them, through may I suggest, organized reflection - taking people out of their caves, away from the shadows they see as light.

I really hate mosquitos, we all do, to the fact that we want them all dead. I propose to include the institutions that produce them.

So when I'm done being a writer, an ambassador to France and a representative to the United Nations, I'll return to my humble beginnings - the Philippines - and run as a senator to re-systematize our educational curriculum - stronger core subjects on the humanities

(add to that my one year course on pedestrian and driving ethics for senior high school students [which I sent a letter to Congressman Abante and he has yet to reply])

Sep 17, 2009

Here's One for the Bookworms

I'm canceling all my book orders from France, Germany and Korea via my classmates thanks to this year's Manila International Book Fair. Now on its 30th year.
What you need to know:
What: Book exhibit from different parts of the world, thus the word international
When: Sept 16 to 20
Where: SMX Convention Center - Mall of Asia

I'll be going on Sunday with my family, so see u guys there:D
For more details, visit:
PS (Sassy, if you read this, continue to buy the books I ordered just in case they've got none:P)

Cine Europa 12

Why didn't anyone inform me about this?

I didn't attend any of my class today for the following reasons:

1) Had lunch with a friend in Glorietta 4
2) Visited my friend Adora in Greenbelt 5
2) Went to a building near Amorsolo for a TVC audition
3) Went to school
4) Decided not to attend class because it was raining so hard
5) Went to Shangrila
6) Bought 3 yards of silver soft satin and this fabulous Paris inspired sweater
7) Watched Alles is Liefde (all is love), the most uplifting film I've watched from Netherland

Now on it’s 12th year of offering powerful and touching European films to the Philippines, the popular film festival opens on September 10, 2009, with public screenings from September 11 to 20 at the Shang Cineplex, Shangri-La Plaza, Mandaluyong City.


You heard that right, free loaders! Admission is free. And god knows how long I had to line up because people were mad to watch free European movies. One and a half hour of standing up doing what i do best - talk to myself.

The interesting part is that i'm wearing these red Paul Smith shoes, cropped black Giordano Concepts shorts, a nautical stripped sweater and French Connection two breasted jacket while holding a red pouch bag with the British flag printed in glittery plastic. I looked like I came right out of the movie and I can't help smiling at people who stare at me:D Stare all you want (snap right, snap left, snap right) bitches.

You have to take my word when I say that you must watch at least one film.

For the screening schedule and synopsis:

Your welcome:D

Sep 16, 2009

Panggagahasa ni Fe

Sino ba si Fe? At sino ang ginahasa? And why do film makers always have to make films with steaming allusions to sexuality?

As a film maker (of 3 official short films and 3 more experiments), I think films with provocative or slight reference to sex send out the most powerful political and social messages. I'm not talking about pornography, goodness. If you are not convinced, look at this example:

Which is stronger: "Gloria Arroyo steals from the country?" or "Gloria Arroyo rapes the country dry?"

Looking back at history, personalities used the same "technique" to express their message against the pains of the country. Luna had his barely clothed female paintings which was the metaphor of a bruised Philippines. Rizal had his dozen lovers who i find very controversial (no relation to my thesis, anyway...)

“for its mediations on the plight of Filipino women in a provocative tale that blurs the boundaries between the mundane and the mysterious, the real and the fantastic.”
– Francis Bolisay,

Ang Panggagahasa ni Fe
(Special Jury Award, Cinemalaya 2009)
ni Alvin B. Yapan

Watch the film because not only will you be entertained, proceeds will go to the Ateneo Scholarship Foundation and a women's charity institution

Kids These Days

This is one of the many reasons why I want to be a kid again. If someone wears this in school at 19 years old, people will stare at him and mock... if a 7 year old kid wears this to school, people will admire, wow and have style orgasm!

Jean Paul Gautilier, why didn't you knock to my house when I was seven years old?

Kids’ wear has come such a long way in the last 5-8 years. Once upon a time, it was hand-me-downs from your older brothers and sisters. These days, any brand worth its weight in fashion gold, will have a diffusion range of kids’ wear offering the same grown-up aesthetic for young fashionistas and their stylish parents.

And for the record, I wear Zara Kids shirts size 13-14:P

Notice to My Readers

Last night, I received the creepiest text message from one of my readers. It wouldn't be creepy if that someone texted me in the morning, but the situation is:

I drank my 2nd coffee for that night because I had this Marketing Case and Market Segmentation paper due the next day. I was dozing off in front of the monitor when my "Victoria's Secret" phone vibrated . I jumped! (must have been the caffeine). The number wasn't registered in my contacts so it spooked me out. Who would text at 11:57pm?

Then I read the message and the words "young girl, 1918-1920, and embalmed" showed up. Oh shit! I almost cried as I screamed. The hair on my back stood up as cold sweat dripped from my temples. I felt like the hands of a cold dead orphan is holding my legs. And after a series of unmentionable embarasing events, i found a clue to who the mystery texter was.

He called me "Venice", and only one person calls me that.

Apparently, he adviced me to look up on this dead kid who was named "Sleeping Beauty" because of her pristine condition after almost a century dead. (In lieu of my last blog's topic - "incorruptibles")

The moral of the story is: Don't text me in between 10pm to 7am especially if the subject is scary (death, ghosts, monsters, Susan Boyle or more than 2,000 calories per day.)

But I really appreciate those people who text, ym or email me and says something about what I write:D

Thank You.

Sep 13, 2009

Wild Wallpaper

For two weeks, I've been thinking of changing my caramel/ darksalmon pink walls (as seen in the header) and pale purple ceiling into something more lively. I came accross this article and it inspired me to ask my dad to consider some of these designs.

Viesso’s Hang & Paste boutique showcases their wide range of unusual wallpaper patterns. Wallpaper is quite an easy way to decorate your home; simple creative decisions can instantly give a stylish mood to any room.

Each one evokes a particular mood and draws your attention. With these wild wallpaper designs, even an empty room can look full of energy and life.

And this is my personal favorite. (but not orange - more like green)

I think it's time to hire a professional graphic artist (my brother is volunteering to paint the room, hell no) and ask him/her to copy this to the wall.

Don't you just love Prada Trembled Blossom? Can't get enough of this commercial.