Jul 29, 2012

One of those Blog Worthy Days

When I'm with my friends, I forget all of my responsibilities. I imagine a life where we can sleep all day, hang out in the afternoon, party all night and go out of town during the weekends.

Yesterday was a "blog worthy" day because of all the events which started when I got an Ateneo - La Salle game ticket in Taft, from a high school acquaintance.

FINALLY! The previous night, I was frantically contacting everyone if they are selling the game ticket while I was in my mom's office. When I arrived home, I asked my brother and he told me that he just saw a tweet selling the ticket, and the rest was history!

 After my trip to Taft, I went to Katipunan to meet the Manila Kid team. We need to prepare what we'll say for the Global Youth Summit happening two weeks from now. JM and I were already discussing some plans when JC texted that he can't go since his car crashed! WTF! Hope it wasn't that bad. I guess he didn't need to go to a hospital since several hours since the crash, he was watching the Ateneo - La Salle game in Cantina.

I cut our Socio-Entrep class. Went to MOA. Read that my friend whom I'll be watching the game with will be LATE. Very typical Sassy.

Good thing I saw Mikki, a high school friend, in Fully Booked. He'll be watching the game too with his block mates so we hanged out in Krispy Kreme. We're both on the blue team so I entered The Arena together with his crowd.

I bumped into Sassy, and OMG, "I waited for you outside!" Oh well. She bought a Team Ateneo shirt then looked for our seats.


Another OMG when I realized my seat was in the La Salle side! I'd rather die. During the first half of the game, I cheered when everyone around me jeered. I felt like someone will stab me. So before the third quarter started, I went to the Ateneo side, close to where Sassy and his brother seated, and found an empty chair with a good view.

After several minutes of clapping, shouting, cheering and literally jumping from my seat (my Tablet crashing to the concrete floor), Ateneo won! As my friend said, "there's the championship game, and The Ateneo - La Salle Game." Jeron Teng did not disappoint DLSU's huge expectations, but Ravena, Slaughter and Salva (and Revilla) were the real heroes of the game.

With hands raised high, we sang our alma mater song. I realized that the last time I sang this was during our graduation.

My day has yet to end.

After the game, I went to Rockwell to have dinner with Mikey. Shaq and Vix picked us up to check out Outbreak, this running event at The Fort. It was raining that night, but there were still runners on the streets.

We strolled around Burgos Circle, Boni High Street and finally ended up in Mercato. Shaq was parked in High Street so while it was drizzling, we had to share Mikey's tiny umbrella. It was 2am when I arrived home. Haven't had fun like this for a while now.

Interesting to note that while I was in MOA, Rockwell, and Fort, I saw people - in all ages - wearing their Ateneo or La Salle shirts. They're everywhere. It goes to show that school spirit transcends time and place, well sort of.

Jul 8, 2012

More Money and Significance

I guess it's been more than two months since I last blogged. Having the layout of blogger changed felt like typing from a new laptop or being transferred to a new spot to write. Well eventually I'll get used to it, thanks to our irrational tendency to adapt.

I was with my college  friends in this small rustic pub in Greenhills to celebrate Dondie's birthday last night. It's been a long time since I saw them and we really missed each other's company, evident in the amount of alcohol that was consumed.

Conversations on what we do to earn money, not simply limiting it to our jobs, was the topic of our conversation. Where do we invest money that's just sleeping in the bank? Talks on which stock to buy or what's the best mutual fund to get circled. How much is the return? 20%? 30%? How high is the risk?

I remember last year that I invested my small savings to a start-up business. The return was 200% plus loads of fun!

There are professionals out there who are earning more than they can spend. A good number of these professionals are also left looking for significance in a routine corporate work. Here is where social entrepreneurship can come in. If we can device a strategy on how it will become more "convenient" for these professionals to invest their money in solutions to social problems instead of fueling the fires of capitalism (parang hell lang) by buying stocks, we'll be able to help them treat two of their problems - more money and significance.

By this Saturday, we are to present our social entrepreneurship project idea to our professor. Rica, a former blockmate, and I teamed up for the task. We are both passionate with clothing and the youth. I hope we can think of something sustainable since I really want to commit full time on helping put an end to a lot of social problems.