Mar 13, 2011

After Ten Years

Tonight was totally unexpected, in a good way. A few days ago, someone in facebook posted that there's a mini get together with some elementary classmates. At first I snubbed this notice because I wasn't really that "social" back in elementary. I was shy and couldn't care less about building connections. But only laziness and doubt were getting in my way - Carpe Diem! - so I went to Shang with Jovic to meet with my past classmates whom some I haven't seen after 10 years.

It's a good thing I did because it turned out to be a great night with old friends. Although it seemed a bit awkward at first and even though I broke my promise to not drink alcohol this Lent (sorry Jesus), everything went relatively smooth as the conversation kept jumping from past experiences to prospective relationships and even touching on organizing a grand batch reunion this December.

A lot of things has changed with the priorities and conversations being shared. Before we used to talk more about the teachers and the lessons learned when reunions like these happen (with my high school classmates) but now, it's all about what to do after graduation, what industry to enter or if what you learned is fir for the job you really want (in my case not).

Somehow I'm not looking forward to those stuff because of these natural disasters and political conflict in the Middle East. I'll probably wait for 2013 before I take job/life seriously. Right now, I'm concentrating on Manila Kid and getting a job on my own to prove to my parents I don't need their connections.

I haven't seen those people after ten years and unexpected changes have definitely happened to each one of us. I just wonder what will become of this world after ten years. I'm praying that the unthinkable won't happen.

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