Mar 22, 2011

The Illusive Blue Rose

I'm kinda anxious about tomorrow night. It'll be the last time before graduation that we gather as one batch to celebrate four years of our best college experience. They call this celebration Blue Roast.

Originally named ihaw bughaw, which refered to the roasted calf on the menu, the Blue Roast has become a widely anticipated event, bringing together members of the Ateneo community in one night of merrymaking, memories, fun, dancing, entertainment, in other words, the ultimate celebration of the year.
In the same way as people gather to welcome a new year, the graduates welcome a new journey of engaging the world armed with their Ateneo ideals and experiences. Together with the entire university community, an explosion of lights, music, memorabilia, photos, drinks and a fireworks display is set for the countdown - a fitting climax to the experiences that have gone by and a hopeful welcome to those that are to come. Blue Roast will end the year with a bang!
One Blue Roast tradition is the giving out of a "Blue Rose" to any person of the batch. Ideally, it is given to the one's ORSEM crush but throughout the years, the reason for giving/receiving the rose had evolved to your significant other at that time, present crush or just someone you think highly of lately.

I can't help but be poet here. Isn't it quite depressing to describe a rose blue? It means cold and loneliness. But there may be some truth in it. You give your rose to your first crush in college in that one last effort to make him/her hope (or fear) for what could have been. Sigh!

Now, who will I give mine?

PS: I played a role of a red rose in our Lit drama!:))

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