Mar 30, 2011

Scouting for Locations: Intramuros

Sent my brother and MJ to scout for locations in Intramuros for a shoot we'll be having on Friday for Manila Kid. There won't be any merchandise. It's more of an institutional promotion - just to capture the feel of the brand. We'll be working with a crew of 10-11 from models, photographers, stylists and water boy divas.

I know Intramuros is so gasgas na, but you can't just help but fall in love with its mystery and architecture. I think its scenery can be presented in a hundred ways and that would be the challenge for us on friday.

Mar 28, 2011

Yearbook Through the Ages

Just so you know, the editor in chief of our yearbook in college is the foulest creature I happen to have unfortunately met. Without bias to past grudges, I was quite impressed with the overall result. To start off, it weighs 3kg! That’s like the weight of a new born baby.

The amount of time and dedication to edit and deliver a yearbook just in time for graduation with roughly 2,000 students is a logistical nightmare, but they did it. Although I think the art/layout editors feel sleepy in editing the first pages.

There were four or five stand out/unconventional male pictures in the yearbook, but I think mine was least expected. This was supposed to be a casual/everyday wear shot by the way.

And I love our org's group picture. Try spotting me, it's not that difficult.

I must say that among my three yearbooks from elementary to college, my favourite would still be my the High School Memoirs because I don’t get to share my page with anyone. I think I gave a better write up then than now.

I love the content of my elementary yearbook too because it has a cool poem about high school and how to value time.

As I was browsing through the write ups of other people in our college yearbook, I can't help but raise my eyebrows. From what they wrote, you can see their priorities and somehow, maturity must have been misplaced along the way.

Maybe a lot of people will laugh about what they wore or wrote five to ten years from now and realize how narrow they are. Although I enjoyed a lot reading some creative dedications. I also admire those people who took risks in what they wore - like Pau who wore a leopard print top, black fur vests, and high waisted full length harem pants. The challenge is to stand out above the rest without loosing your true identity. It has always been like that in yearbooks, and it's something that we can apply in life.

Mar 26, 2011

Eyes Are Dry At The Last Goodbye

Writing is my therapy, but no matter how much I've blogged about parting college, I still wasn't prepared for yesterday.

The bell rang signaling the start of the march. Incidentally, a strong wind brushed against the trees and you can feel the the soft warm glow of the sun. It was something you might call the perfect day. From my location, I can see my batchmates forming lines wearing their navy blue togas, uniquely designed only for the Ateneo. This is it!

I never really imagined that I will be able to study in Ateneo because I thought I wasn't smart enough to pass the ACET. And most of my cousins came from La Salle and UST so I didn't have any information on this university prior to my senior year in high school.

Four years ago, the results of the ACET came out and my "more deserving" school mates told me that they did not pass, so I checked the library computer. I ran to my friends as fast as my feet can carry me, on the verge of crying to tell them that I got in Ateneo!

And here I am now blogging about my graduation with my diploma just sitting beside me. The journey wasn't that easy of course. I wouldn't be here without my encouraging friends and tutors. No matter how many F one gets in his quizes, long tests even orals, you won't get us used to it because Magis tells you otherwise.

While I was seated yesterday in the covered courts, I can't help but ask why the organizers chose to hold the graduation here where it is humid and "unceremonial." They can easily afford PICC or some five star hotel. I just realize that hundreds of colleges hold their graduation in PICC (like La Salle) and the experience of the place is shared by a lot of people. Holding it within the confines of our university makes it more solemn and special. This might even be the same place where Ninoy and Noynoy have graduated.

I can't say the same when Rizal said that he spent his happy days here in Ateneo - I'll give that to Don Bosco. But the last four years will be my most enriching and unforgettable. I don't know when I'll see my batch mates again (probably in Bora this April), but I hope that when they leave, they'll always remember why them came to the Ateneo in the first place.

Congratulations Batch 2011!

PS: This is one of the best gifts I got yesterday. After four years, my face finally got published together with my art! And every one of my batchmates will get a copy of this book. Haha!:D

Mar 24, 2011

Encore: Blue Roast 2011

It was a night to remember as our batch gathered to party for the last time as college students. We went to Cantina first before heading straight to Bel Field for the Blue Roast.

Fr. Ben has been Ateneo's president for the past 18 years so it is a must to take a photo with him (even though it's just a replica). He'll be "graduating" with us this March.

San Miguel gave away Strong Ice beers, though I personally don't like beers because they make anyone fat. 

The photo below gave me nightmares that night. It's satiric abomination personified. I can't imagine how people were able to eat this roasted calf while its body is being displayed:| I think there were three or four around Bel Field that night. Que horror!

By around 10pm, the organizers gave a signal that we can get the roses. By this time I was convinced who to give it to, although I'm not sure if I can find her in a crowd that big.

After circling the field twice with Justin, I still can't find Precious. I've known her since high school and I found it fitting to give it to her for some reason. After around 30 mins, Dondie pointed where she was seated. I gave it to her, kissed her cheek then left! Haha! I wasn't even able to take a picture with her! Darn! So we continued taking pictures with our friends instead.

Up Dharma Down played some songs during the Blue Rose giving, by the way. It was followed by the performance of the Blue Babble Battalion then we sang the Alma Mater song. I don't know why, but there's always that shroud of sincerity and awe whenever it is sung.

Fireworks lit the sky at the end of the night!

Then as we were about to leave the area, I saw her with her friends I think waiting for their ride. And that was it! The night seemed more beautiful after that!:D

Congratulations to my batchmates! 

-pictures by me and Jet Garcia

Mar 22, 2011

The Illusive Blue Rose

I'm kinda anxious about tomorrow night. It'll be the last time before graduation that we gather as one batch to celebrate four years of our best college experience. They call this celebration Blue Roast.

Originally named ihaw bughaw, which refered to the roasted calf on the menu, the Blue Roast has become a widely anticipated event, bringing together members of the Ateneo community in one night of merrymaking, memories, fun, dancing, entertainment, in other words, the ultimate celebration of the year.
In the same way as people gather to welcome a new year, the graduates welcome a new journey of engaging the world armed with their Ateneo ideals and experiences. Together with the entire university community, an explosion of lights, music, memorabilia, photos, drinks and a fireworks display is set for the countdown - a fitting climax to the experiences that have gone by and a hopeful welcome to those that are to come. Blue Roast will end the year with a bang!
One Blue Roast tradition is the giving out of a "Blue Rose" to any person of the batch. Ideally, it is given to the one's ORSEM crush but throughout the years, the reason for giving/receiving the rose had evolved to your significant other at that time, present crush or just someone you think highly of lately.

I can't help but be poet here. Isn't it quite depressing to describe a rose blue? It means cold and loneliness. But there may be some truth in it. You give your rose to your first crush in college in that one last effort to make him/her hope (or fear) for what could have been. Sigh!

Now, who will I give mine?

PS: I played a role of a red rose in our Lit drama!:))

Mar 18, 2011

In Defense of Rebecca Black

I have this theory that Rebecca Black’s video was released to deflect the public away from Chris Brown’s controversial pictures, or the other way around ( i don’t know which came first). Or maybe it is a way for some people to cheer the world after Japan’s tragedy. Anyway, if I were Rebecca Black, I’d probably be hanging myself with barbed wires in my bathroom because of the humiliation cause by that Fried Egg Video.

I only watched it once, and I don’t have tumblr so those viral paraphernalia of Rebecca Black and her crew destruction have not overwhelmed me, yet. I saw a lot of my friends over facebook liking pages: "That awkward moment when Rebecca Black doesn't know which seat to take" and "That girl in pink who danced awkwardly in Rebecca Black's friday." there was even an event page dedicated to her.

I hate mainstream so here I am defending her. It’s interesting the amount of time we spend just to show our hatred to a person who is not solely at fault with what she did. Of course we just want to make fun of her video and her friends because we don’t have better things to do. I really think it’s pathetic.

It’s like hating Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus. Instead of just snubbing their songs (because you are obviously not their target audience), how many 16-24 year olds have dedicated at least one minute of their living day just to express their resentment from the most mundane hate reply to even making a video just to bring them down?

Our happiness shouldn’t be at the cost of someone else’s. But it’s life. Haters. Who can’t live without them?

Mar 17, 2011

Fashion Illustration: From McQueen to Harper's to Prada

I attended a lecture earlier on fashion illustration and the one who presented, Marcela Gutierrez, has collaborated with probably the top two most controvertial designers for the past two years: Alexander Mc Queen and John Galliano. Aside from interning for Marc Jacobs and Nylon magazine, her work also appeared in Harper's Bazaar and Dazed and Confused. Some of the mega brands that used her illustrations were Prada and Fendi.

I wish I can share to you all her illustrations because they were phenomenal! It's one thing to style and shoot a fashion editorial, it's another to actually paint a complete spread.

The key to her success was constant practice. Her first job would involve her sketching from 9am till 7pm. She also pointed out some lessons in failure - she failed in her figure drawing class but repeating it again gave her the advantage over her batchmates and look at where she is now.

Mar 15, 2011

Senior Year (Jerrold Tarog)

What makes high school unforgettable are the seemingly little things that are blown out of proportions probably because of our over eager hormones, or because our world is confined in that micro society which in turn allows us to see every moment as something special.

Like in the film Senior Year, you don't need perfect actors or a well rehearsed script to portray what goes in high school. It looked very natural and convincing that even though I came from an all boys school, i was able to relate to most of it: from going up to the highest corridor to observe (and gossip) about other people, to the pains and joys of intrams, even up to the direct and indirect hits of first romantic relationships (na parang tsunami lang kung yumanig).

The film focuses on the last four months before graduation of a batch from St. Fredrick's Academy.  Beyond the usual idyllic discussions in the classroom, you also get to peek into their personal lives. I think finding true acceptance was the highlight of the film - may it be in your families, your own cliques or even in your PE class. It's not only the students who have issues here. The teachers, though a few years older, have not escaped the scrutiny of this high school batch. 

The film, as with any good stuff, left me wanting for more. You can easily find yourself in at least one of the characters and that makes it more special. It makes me want to go back to my high school classroom, in my seat beside the window second to the front and relieve all the times when we think the world revolves around us and our friends. 

We all want to relieve the memory, and we all know why. It is because it happens only once in a lifetime; a memory worth cherishing - a memory called High School

Mar 14, 2011

My Zombie Invasion Contingency Plans

I was reading this hilarious facebook page: "Ateneo Zombie Ivasion Contingency Plan" and since I won't be studying in Ateneo soon, I want to have my own contingency plan in case these brain eating abominations attack Manila.

1) Which weapon would you use against these zombies?

The first thing that came to my mind was hairspray - to irritate their eyes. I'm not much of short-range weapon user so swords or arnis stick won't work for me. I may even be too sissy to hit them because I'm scared that blood may come out. So i'll probably use a multiple-hitting crossbow with flaming arrows - para medyo medieval. Then I'll ride in one of my dad's bad ass trucks fortified with steel casing on the wheels and windows.

2) Where would you hide? Headquarters?

Intramuros' walls won't do us any good, besides you might get spooked by the ghosts living there. The church of Gesu in Ateneo may be the best spot because it's the highest peak in the place (giving you a clear view) and it has a lot of glass/mirrors. The place is also wide enough so you'd be able to see clearly.

3) What food will you pack?

Nutri bars! Nuts: almonds and pistachio. You don't want to pack too many chocolates because you'll get fat and it will slow you down. I'll also bring high carbo food to keep me going in times when all you can do is run (and scream!)

4) First thing you will save?

Definitely my laptop and Globe Tattoo to get updates from twitter and facebook. And so that I can still blog. And probably my camera to take pictures of zombies and people being eaten.

5) Of course the single most important question you have to ask is: What will you wear?

This is a tough one because you need to look fierce at the same time your clothes should allow you to move. My footwear would be my black Raf Simons high-cut shoes because it is light, comfortable and looks tough. As much as I want to wear shorts, I think a utility pants - something that has many pockets and still looks slimming - may work best so you can keep important items within your reach. I'd be wearing a denim long sleeves from Calvin Klein or Muji because it's the hottest trend this season and their fabric is unbelievably comfortable. I'd also add to that my studded leather jacket with leopard lining because it completes the look.