Jun 18, 2009

Personal Mission Statement

Life is like a kaleidoscope where the beads and pebbles are us people and every turn in this tube of mirrors corresponds to a change in the total visual outcome. One element affects how the whole thing is perceived, similar in every angle no matter how you look at it. We are all connected that the result of whatever we do to ourselves can be reflected in our society through time. As members of this interrelated community, I am responsible for whatever happens to it.

I never liked the idea of defining who I am at this point in my life because it encloses me into a dehumanizing box that limits me from doing more than what I can actually do. If I say that I am an Atenean, I chain myself into this connotation that I am academically competitive, and I am a God-fearing person whose higher purpose is to better the world by serving others. Stating that I am a student now may limit me from being an artist, a writer or an entrepreneur in my own way. But is it possible for someone with undiscovered identity to efficiently contribute to the progress of his community or nation? Together with our birth is the social responsibility that we are tasked to fulfill. Life is a journey for us to discover a niche where we can exercise this responsibility. Once we are able to realize where our passion lies through the proper utilization of our personal resources and enough time, only then can we define ourselves.

I am very passionate in living life to the fullest. I want to gain the innovative minds of the Chinese and the ancient discipline of the Japanese. I want to experience life along the Nile River and hunt for food in the Amazon Basin. Can I choose Plato to be my philosophy teacher, Isaac Newton for science and Pythagoras for math? And if I could ask more, I want to harness the wisdom that brought greatness to the Romans and grandeur to the Greeks. My willingness to learn new things and to stretch my capacity brought me to a lot of places that I thought I would never achieve when I was younger. There are more intelligent people in my batch, but I was one of the people who was privileged enough to study in holistically the best school in the Philippines. It made me realize that as long as there’s passion and hard work in what you are doing, anything is possible.

I want to be the brightest bead or pebble in the kaleidoscope of life, or at least in my society, so as to serve light to others. I have been inspired by great people and cultures in the past. I know my niche. My social responsibility is to motivate people may it be in field of business, literature or any fields in between. I want to encourage them, teach them about metacognition – that there is something beyond what they’re doing. And probably that is how we can get more out of life, to see what really matters in the end. Businessmen spend more than half of their life in the corporate world without realizing a purpose beyond themselves and their company. I want to be the guy who will bring them to a better light.

*written during sophomore year in college

Faux Independence

Emilio Aguinaldo believed that declaring an early independence on June 12, 1898 "would inspire the people to fight more eagerly against the Spaniards and at the same time, lead the foreign countries to recognize the independence of the country" even though his unofficial adviser, Apolinario Mabini, objected because the time was not ripe.

We may infer that June 12 was not the result of the revolution and victory; it was the other way around. Aguinaldo's declaration would fuel a revolution against Spaniards. So now, do I believe that true independence was given to the Philippines on July 4, 1946 as declared by Harry Truman? Not quite.

We must also consider the two attempts of Andres Bonifacio to declare independence: on April 12, 1895 when he etched his declaration on Pamitinan Caves in Montalban, and on August 23, 1896 - Cry of Balintawak. Or would I still accept June 12 since Diosdado Macapagal, on a nationalistic act, signed Republic Act No. 4116? For the purpose of order, I accept June 12 as the Philippine Independence Day. But does the date really matter?

If we are to limit independence as liberation from the presence of foreign control, then by all means let us celebrate on June 12 because that day acknowledges that we had freed ourselves from Spain in 1898, that we established a republic in 1899, complete with a Congress and Constitution, the first in South East Asia.

I resent the idea of moving our independence day because it was in Aguinaldo's window in Kawit, Cavite where Filipinos acknowledged and partly realized the concept of independence, which I think is the main purpose of commemorating this day. Aguinaldo's declaration subliminally transcended through time. It has continued to fuel us to achieve true independence up to this day.

We often associate independence with freedom, so unless the Filipino people experience genuine freedom, the real Independence Day is yet to come. "One faithful and inevitable day," as Jose Rizal would put it.

Some unpatriotic Filipinos would slavishly wish that the Philippines would be better of if it has been conquered by (let's say) America so that their lives would be in a better economic and political state. I cannot blame them. These are people who have not experienced June 12 as it should be. So why celebrate?

Flag raising, parades and the likes create two things: First, we are reminded of the people and events that gave us the "freedom" we are now experiencing. But it is evident that people are not experiencing genuine freedom because government officials are not being Filipinos for Filipinos - they are the present day manlulupig.

So beyond the ceremonious facade that the government creates, June 12 is the perfect day for the local officials to resurrect forgotten traditions in their municipality. Barangay chairmen can be more proactive by having their own fiestas so that people can celebrate as a community. Independence Day after all for me is a National Fiesta Day.

When Americans celebrate their Fourth of July, their citizens see hope that continues to transcend in each American. Here in the Philippines, Independence Day remains only to the elite and powerful. We loose the genuine reason why we celebrate this day as it should be appreciated and felt, without any partiality.

*This was supposed to be posted on June 12 but due to some concerns, it got delayed.

Maligayang Araw ng Kalayaan Sa Lahat!

Jun 3, 2009

God Forbid!

Sana talaga, sana lang, may magpasabog muli sa House of Representatives. And this time, make sure na magigiba yung buong building!!!

Let me remind ***YOU*** Congressmen that your power comes from the people. ***YOU*** wouldn't be in your place if it wasn't for us!!! Hindi galing kay GLORIA!!! So the best thing ***YOU*** could do is to amend rules for the benefit of the MAJORITY.

I sincerely believe in karma. Babalik lahat ng katarantaduhan ***NIYO*** sa susunod niyong henerasyon. History will forget ***YOU*** and will be cruel to ***YOU***!!! So sige lang, kamkamin niyo lahat ng kapangyarihang kaya niyong kamkamin. Go lang ng go!

One of these days, someone will rise above and destroy ***YOU***and all those who have benefited from ***YOU*** ASSHOLES!!!

If I were ***YOU***, I'll be getting the sharpest kitchen knife and slit my throat open for all the disgrace I have caused my country. ***YOU***are the reason why more or less 30MILLION FILIPINOS are poor! ***YOU*** are the reason why justice isn't served for the poor farmers. ***IKAW*** ang dahilan kung bakit mawawalan ng halaga ang kalayaang ipinagtanggol nila Rizal, Bonifacio, Aquino...

How the hell can ***YOU*** sleep knowing these!!! Manhid ka! ***YOU***have the power to change millions of lives? Bakit ***MO*** kailangang magpagamit sa isang GANID na administrasyon.

GOD PLEASE!!! Lamunin sana ***KAYO*** ng lupa!!!






10 Pounds in 7 Days

Nothing excites me more than trying out a new diet. It's like trying out cliff diving, feeding baby elephants in Kenya or seeing your crush in the first day of classes.

I was fortunate enough to come across an article linked in Mikey's blog about this General Motors Diet.

"The following diet and health program was developed for employees and dependents of General Motors, Inc. and is intended for their exclusive use. This program was developed in conjunction with a grant from U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Food and Drug Administration. It was field tested at the Johns Hopkins Research Centre and was approved for distribution by the Board of Directors, General Motors Corp."


Sports writer Joaquin Henson from Philippine Star wrote about it, and here's an excerpt for those who want to try it out:

Day 1. Eat all fruits, except bananas. If you limit your consumption to melons, you could lose up to three pounds on the first day. There are no restrictions as to how much fruit to eat. This puts your body on the start mode for the diet. Fruits will be your only source of nutrition, providing what you need to sustain life except total balance and variety.

Day 2. Consume all vegetables, raw or cooked. For your complex carbohydrates, start the day with a large baked potato for breakfast to give energy and balance. You may add a pat of butter on the potato. Vegetables are virtually calorie-free and provide essential nutrients and fiber.

Day 3. Take in a mixture of fruits and vegetables – any amount, any quantity but no bananas and no potatoes. You get carbohydrates from the fruits. This prepares the body to burn excess pounds.

Day 4. Eat as many as eight bananas and drink three glasses of milk. The bananas are for potassium and sodium. You will notice a loss of desire for sweets.

* * * *

Day 5. Consume one cup of rice and six whole tomatoes. Also, drink 12 glasses of water to cleanse your system of the uric acid you will be producing. For those who are 39 and below, you may add beef to the diet for iron and protein, the equivalent of five quarter-pounders. The tomatoes are for digestion and fiber. The beef, however, is optional but the tomatoes are mandatory.

Day 6. Restrict yourself to one cup of rice and all the vegetables, raw or cooked, you want for vitamins and fiber. For those who are 39 and below, you may repeat the Day 5 menu.

Day 7. Eat one cup of rice and all the vegetables you want plus drink a glass of fruit juice.

If you get hungry on any day during the program, you may fill up with a “wonder” soup whose ingredients are 22 ounces of water, six large onions, two green peppers, three whole tomatoes, a head of cabbage, a bunch of celery, four envelopes onion soup mix, herbs and flavoring as desired. You may substitute some ingredients for asparagus, peas, corn, turnips, green beans or cauliflower but never lima, pinto or kidney beans. Vegetables may be taken in the form of a salad without dressing except malt, white or wine vinegar, squeezed lemon, garlic herbs and no more than one teaspoon of oil.


I went to the nearest fruitstand earlier this morning to buy 2 melons which will be the only food that I'll eat the whole day (plus 2-3 liters of water and raisins for snacks)

Me: (to the woman with big boobs) Manang, magkano yang dalawang melon niyo? [Excuse me, how much are your two melons?]

That was awkward, so i pointed to the melons she's selling:))

I know one needs the discipline of an Olympic athlete so after clicking Save& Publish, I'll stop eating Jack Link's Premium Cuts Hickory Smoked Beef Jerky. (Yummeh!)

The General Motors Diet is a bit unsafe because you have to eliminate major food groups once in a while but as long as it can guarantee me to loose 10 pounds in 7 days, it's worth the risk.

Jun 2, 2009

When Kids Forget to be Kids

My nephew visited us this afternoon for a very peculiar reason. His father (my cousin) secretly confiscated his PSP. To prevent him from dying, his yaya brought him to our house to borrow my sister's barely touched PSP.

I don't know what's with kids these days. They can't seem to appreciate the simple stuff like going out in the rain or playing with your pet lobster (I used to have one named Keropi) If it's not bought with wads of cash, they find it difficult to appreciate.

Back in the days (parang lola na), when kids want to have fun, they just call their next door playmates and play Tagunan (Hide and Seek) or in our case, "Kill the Zombie" ala Resident Evil. I used mom's hair dryer while my brother picked the iron straightener/curler. Compared with toy guns, our "weapon" really look high tech and classy.

The good thing about techie toys is that even grown ups can play with them. How many times have you seen professionals play with their PSP? I know, it's a disgusting sight. Techie toys also benefit the economy because they allow money to circulate and provide jobs to electricians, industrial designers... For the kids, it kills boredom.

Absolute reliance on these toys prevents children from learning necessary skills they will need in future socialization. They cannot learn camaraderie and teamwork if they remain in their rooms playing Guitar Hero alone. Of course they can invite their playmates but the interaction is different compared to the traditional Filipino games.

Creativity and resourcefulness are obviously not practiced. Instead of buying, they used to make their own toys. Simplicity is not appreciated. Remote controlled cars, Barbie and Wii did not exist before so they have to be contented with trumpo, yoyo, holens and sipa.

Empathy can only be learned through personal interaction. Understanding of another's situation, feelings, and motives cannot be picked up in the cyber world. This is probably the most essential factor that makes relationships effective.

Here's a thesis suggestion: Find out if there is a relationship between the quantity or "intensity" of spoiled brats from the number of designs of game consoles sold in the market. I assure you that there is a positive correlation.


Kapa sa kanan, kapa sa kaliwa. Pagkatapos inspeksyonin, bumaba ako sa hagdanan na pinagmamasdan ang mga mukhang hindi man lamang maaninagan, mga taong hindi na tinitingnan kung lumalapat ba ang suwelas ng kanilang mga sapatos sa mga baldosa ng hagdan. “Mama, tabi,” sabi ng isang lalaking huli na sa kanyang trabaho. Ipinasok ko ang card sa makinaryang kasing bilis ng hanging lumamon sa aking tiket. Labing apat na piso lamang upang makasakay ng LRT, umaabot pa nga minsan ng labing isa. Sa mumunting barya’y makikita mo na ang Maynila sa ibang perspektiba.

Pumipitada na ang tren ng makababa ako sa pangalawang escalator. Nagbukas ang pinto sa matinis na pito ang gard. Malamang sa hindi na bakante nanaman ang mga upuan sa bandang harapan. Ayaw o tamad kasi ang mga taong maghanap ng disenteng mauupuan; lahat nagmamadali. Tiningnan ko ang sariling repleksyon sa bintanang kaharap pagkatapos kong umupo. Maayos ang aking buhok, ngunit may bakas ito ng pagod mula sa isang araw sa Ateneo. May umokupa na sa tabi ng repleksyon: babaeng naka unipormeng marahil galing sa trabaho, samantalang dalawang estudyante pa ang pumuwesto sa gawing kanan ko. Bumusina ang tren; pumito ang gard; nagsara na muli ang mga pinto.

Nagtaka ang repleksyon sa aking harap kung bakit walang humpay na nagtetext lamang ang babaeng katabi niya. Hindi man lamang niya mapansin ang kakaibang sinag ng araw ngayon na matapos tumagos sa mga gusali ng Maynila ay mga pasang mahuhulog na lamang sa kalsada. Bakit walang kibo ang estudyanteng nagaaral ng matematika kung nagiging alipin na ang mga punong nadaraanan sa sabit-sabit na linya ng kuryente? Nakatali ang kalooban ng mga halaman kahit na gustong sumunod sa ihip ng hangin. Tuluyan na ngang natakpan ng mga gusali at poste ang mga bundok malapit sa Marikina. Inalis ko na ang aking paningin sa repleksyon sa salamin ilang minuto pa ang nakaraan. Malapit na ako sa aking destinasyon. Bumusina ang tren; pumito ang gard; nagbukas na ang mga pinto.

Nakipagunahan ako sa escalator dahil gusto ko nang makauwi. Ipinasok ko agad ang ticket at muntik pa nga itong makalimutan. Labing limang minuto ang biyahe sa LRT; kay tagal na biyahe kung ikukumpara sa bullet train ng mga Hapon. Nakakapagod ang mundo; lahat nagmamadali.

Our Last Summer

That was it, the last summer before the real world, before the monotonous life at the office, before we totally forget the true meaning of beach parties, sleepovers with friends and waking up to start the day with lunch... or perhaps not.

Having a job means more money to spend on traveling, parties and booze. More fun? Probably.

But we can never look at summer again the same way we did. It used to be the season where school's out and innocent kids flock the mall or go to their grand parents in the province.

Well, you won't have to worry about assignments and graded recitations soon. College graduation will bring a whole new perspective. (Belch!) Somehow, I just have this unadulterated loathing for the word "office."

I don't know about you guys but I'll be flying with my magic umbrella (and a polar bear coat and penguin boots) next summer and tour Antarctica... few people have done that. It would be something new.

That Mama Mia song really comes to my head when i look at this picture. " I can still recall, our last summer. I can see it all.... blah blah blah.. memories that remain." This picture is so innocent:D

I hope this won't be the last time.

Yes... i miss the childhood innocence...

Jun 1, 2009

Maniac Driving Justified

I got home from Tagaytay last night violently. The epic (and lethal) traffic from Star Toll up to SLEX was enough to drive someone mad - and that included my dad.

"... and good old boys were drinking whiskey and wine, singing this will be the day that I die, THIS WILL BE THE DAY THAT I DIE!!!"

Never drink and drive! Tell that to your drivers!!!

Madonna's version of American Pie was playing over the stereo when road maniac's soul possessed my dad to ILLEGALLY and UNSAFELY drive over the grassy/rocky/muddy part of the road - the one that separates the North bound from the South bound.

"ARGH!!! Hindi Land Cruiser dala mo! STOP!!!"

You can't imagine the mental torture I experienced. "He'll be caught and there's no one to drive us home. Wait! I can drive. If someone sees me! What if the tires go flat? Do we have enough money to bribe? (joke!) I cannot die wearing a shirt from the Kid's section of Zara. It's so not fabulous!"

Well, he wasn't the first one to do it. There were also fresh tracks from fucked up drivers who want to cheat traffic and speed up their travel time. He just mindlessly followed.

After passing around twenty five cars, he tried to join the rest of the civilized drivers.

We stopped at the nearest gas station and found out that my dad cannot control his pee anymore so he needed to relieve himself as quickly as possible.

Maniac driving justified.

Suggestion: Aside from the lanes dedicated to Overtaking, Slow cars, Trucks/Buses and Shoulder, they should add "Need of Immediate Bladder Relief." It would be very helpful.

One Kind Word Can Warm Three Winter Months

Verbal affirmations are difficult to get these days. As much as possible, Filipinos would not try to involve themselves in a direct conversation. They prefer to use these new found text, email and the 140 character limit of Twitter. Yes, it's more convenient and you get to save these "special message", but technology incapacitates our ability to easily engage in a conversation with a (friendly) stranger.

A friend asked me, "how do you easily start a conversation with someone you just met (let's say in a book store)?" Pick up lines won't work. I said to him, "well you just open your mouth and speak what you want." It really is that easy.

Back in our junior high recollection, there was this activity called "Washing of the Feet" where water and soap are not involved. You'll sit in front, facing your back to the "audience" and people will start lining behind you giving unexpected compliments. You're not supposed to know who the affirmation giver is.

Surprisingly, I did not hear the praises that one commonly hears like fabulous, intelligent, handsome or any other adjectives that is denotes goodness. Instead, people complimented me for the random acts of kindness I did to them. Very small acts that we usually take for granted. Hearing that someone appreciated what you did for them truly warms the heart.

The simple activity made us realize that simple compliments heard can actually empower one to also give out compliments as well. Compliment giving is like STD or AIDS, it's infectious without the lethal part.

Some people might actually need a compliment more than you can imagine - a tired man from work, an old lady shopping alone, or someone planning a suicide because his girlfriend broke up with him. Be proactive especially this summer.

If you live by the quote "doing extra ordinary things extra-ordinarily well," this is one way to practice it. The next time you go to a store, greet the grumpy sales lady and ask her advice; or in a public place, compliment someone if you really like their outfit. I usually do this and honestly, it brings me more joy (somehow) meeting a new acquaintance than getting a good sale from a store.

Questioning Jesus' Certainty

He speaks of life after death through out his preachings, but how certain was Jesus that He will be resurrected after His suffering and death on the cross?

God is a mystery and placing certainty in something vague, not perceived by your senses and incomprehensible is difficult to come into terms, especially with our secularized society where we find security in what is measurable and tangible.

Of course the ancient to pre-industrialized societies have always rooted their decisions on mystery - magic, nature, and coincident. It's not difficult for them to believe these phenomenons, which they might actually metaphor-ized or hyperbole-ized in their written accounts; therefore, influencing the way we read the Bible.

It is the evident challenge that Jesus wants us to confront - placing your trust in God - even to the point of life or death situations. Church teachings reveal that Jesus knew that he will be resurrected. I won't deal with that part and convince anyone that his certainty is 100%. Everyone's fate is predetermined.

But that absolute certainty has problems: He cheated.

I always considered mental and emotional suffering more painful than the physical. Since he knew that he will be resurrected and he's God, the suffering in the crucifixion is just physical. He knew that he will triumph over death and sin afterward. How can that be salvific?

The innocent people convicted to be crucified must have suffered more, mentally and emotionally, since they knew not of what is to come after death.

The Bible never provides a religious activity as a means to be certain of our salvation. It doesn't encourage us to 'feel' saved or suggest that belonging to one church or religion will give us salvation. No, the one and only sign the bible gives for certainty is Jesus (The Bible - John 3:15, Romans 10:8-9).

"The Bible says certainty is found only in a relationship with Jesus. Only by being in a relationship with Jesus can we be freed from our shame and guilt forever.

One of the thieves crucified with Jesus knew he was guilty before God and deserving of death. But that thief recognized who Jesus was and turned to Him for help. He was clearly not a good person. He asked Jesus in simple words to remember him when he entered his kingdom. This thief went to heaven to be with Jesus that very day (The Bible - Luke chapter 23, verse 43).

If you put your trust in Jesus alone, then you can be certain of going to heaven...Today! But you must turn away from signposts that provide false hope. Don't linger on the wrong path just because others do. A path is never right because many walk it. Neither is it wrong because few are on it. Jesus warned that many will walk a path that leads to destruction (The Bible - Matthew chapter 7, verse 13).

So trust only in Jesus and have certainty today."

Jesus' narrative is actually similar to that of Hercules. Hercules' story has been used in Literature classes while Theology, History and possibly Philosophy was used to interpret Jesus'. We should remember that the Hercules narrative has been written before the incarnation. Would not that influence the way the Bible people interpret the Historical Jesus? Their interpretation (unquestionable and fool proof) has been passed to us through oral and written tradition...

So majority of what we accept is a social fact. We need to have a personal conviction towards issues concerning our faith.

This was supposed to be posted during the Holy Week but i forgot to. A lot of us blindly follow traditions for the sake of following them. Many people who call themselves Catholics observe fasting, abstinence, visita iglesia and easter without really questioning the "facts" behind them. This might sound preachy, but critical faith is needed, or just scrap your faith all together.

Dated April 26, 2009 on my Multiply blog

High School Baul

Even though this is my first post in Blogger. I'm not new to the blogging industry. I wrote my first during a very boring computer class in junior high and ever since then, I can't stop writing my thoughts in Multiply.

Here's one of my posts to give you a good background of who I am since the About Me section does not say much.


It was around 12:30am when we decided to eat again. Krispy Kreme was almost closed so we opted to go to Sonja's - one of the girliest places on Taguig City. Luckily, the four seats inside were vacated (and that rarely happens) so we sat there and ordered some brownies and cupcakes:D

Since the place was very cozy and warm, we started talking about the stupid stuffs and people back in High School. Then Mikes said that he's going to do a blog of his High School Baul. That's a great idea! So now i'm doing mine...

My ancient notebook/journal/diary which was once held hostage by (i think) Trini or Dennis. This is where i write very important stuff like: "My gosh, it's so init at school today. La Cantina and Amici are full again so we had to make tambay in front of the pastoral office's aquarium."

Diary during my first camp at Bacolod. It was memorable because we got stranded for 10 days there because of the bad weather. All i remembered in that camp are mango scented hotel rooms, bowling lanes, and a Robinsons Mall that closed around 7pm(!)

1st Impression Papers. (1)We had an interaction with Saint Paul QC and I was the host. The girls were great and very participative in the games. Thank you for their limited knowledge on adjectives. Hehe:)) Puro Sexy Hot!

(2) This was done during our retreat at Tagaytay. It's more of a comment paper than a first impression.

Letters. Everything's in there: Palanca letters (all year levels applicable), Day's letters, death threats and appologies.

Jess Letter and a gift from my sponsor:D

I never wore the shirt because i'm afraid that water might wash out the paint even if he used acrylic paint.

Senior Class Pictures. I was the last person to arrive at the area so muntik na akong hindi masama. But they waited naman. This was shot at the small chapel

Jommel's 24 page goodbye note(book). Still got this:D

Cameras Flash! Booties Shake!
Heads Turn! Music plays!
Dance floor comes to life!
Party People unite in
CIAO2006 CIAO2007

This was the first batch christmas party/soiree that we hosted/organized/sponsored at Antel Platinum Condo in Salcedo Village Bel Air Makati. We partied at the roofdeck gameroom, garden and pool (that wasn't used).

At first we thought baka walang pumunta because the party was supposed to start at six and wala pang dumarating. People got lost. They eventually found their way to the party at around 8-9pm.

I remember Justin passed out because sinolo niya yata yung Tequila. We had to carry him sa elevator at ihatid sa house nila.

House Flag. Alexis said that the dragon in the flag was inspired by me:D The theme for the year was ancient civilizations and we unfortunately got China. I wanted Egypt. Jaime did a good job painting the dragon.

College review books that were not used. Honestly, i wasn't able to go to any review centers for the college exams so i bought some books that are still very clean up to this day.

High School Magazines: The Bosconian Forum. I never got to pose for the front page:(

Starbucks planner. I fondly remember our often visits to Starbucks Shaw just to fill up our cards with stickers. The baristas (especially the fat girl) know us well because we make loud noises. The crew are really friendly, even the guard.

Here is where I write my CL and Physics notes when i'm lazy getting my notebook.

Elementary Memoirs

High School Memoirs. Thanks to Ma'am Ting and her team for the great layout this year. For those who haven't gotten their yearbooks, get it at (i think) publishing office.

I don't like my page because i really looked fat so here are random pages from the yearbook:D

Quick trivia: the guy on the bottom left was the partner of Bernise (my blockmate) during the prom.

Prom and Grad Pics. Junior prom was held in Crowne Plaza; Senior at Makati Shang. My partner there is Andy from SPQC. The theme was Oscars so the stripes in my suit was subtle gold while my partner's dress is glittering in gold but the camera wasn't able to capture it.

Again, i looked really hideous in my grad pic so here are the people who (i think) gave me their grad pics for souvenir.

I hope you enjoyed the stuff from my "high school baul." If you're not doing anything and you need to kill time, make one rin:D

It's actually fun because you get to rediscover some stuff that you thought you had lost a long time ago.