Mar 14, 2011

My Zombie Invasion Contingency Plans

I was reading this hilarious facebook page: "Ateneo Zombie Ivasion Contingency Plan" and since I won't be studying in Ateneo soon, I want to have my own contingency plan in case these brain eating abominations attack Manila.

1) Which weapon would you use against these zombies?

The first thing that came to my mind was hairspray - to irritate their eyes. I'm not much of short-range weapon user so swords or arnis stick won't work for me. I may even be too sissy to hit them because I'm scared that blood may come out. So i'll probably use a multiple-hitting crossbow with flaming arrows - para medyo medieval. Then I'll ride in one of my dad's bad ass trucks fortified with steel casing on the wheels and windows.

2) Where would you hide? Headquarters?

Intramuros' walls won't do us any good, besides you might get spooked by the ghosts living there. The church of Gesu in Ateneo may be the best spot because it's the highest peak in the place (giving you a clear view) and it has a lot of glass/mirrors. The place is also wide enough so you'd be able to see clearly.

3) What food will you pack?

Nutri bars! Nuts: almonds and pistachio. You don't want to pack too many chocolates because you'll get fat and it will slow you down. I'll also bring high carbo food to keep me going in times when all you can do is run (and scream!)

4) First thing you will save?

Definitely my laptop and Globe Tattoo to get updates from twitter and facebook. And so that I can still blog. And probably my camera to take pictures of zombies and people being eaten.

5) Of course the single most important question you have to ask is: What will you wear?

This is a tough one because you need to look fierce at the same time your clothes should allow you to move. My footwear would be my black Raf Simons high-cut shoes because it is light, comfortable and looks tough. As much as I want to wear shorts, I think a utility pants - something that has many pockets and still looks slimming - may work best so you can keep important items within your reach. I'd be wearing a denim long sleeves from Calvin Klein or Muji because it's the hottest trend this season and their fabric is unbelievably comfortable. I'd also add to that my studded leather jacket with leopard lining because it completes the look.

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Anonymous said...

good luck on being one of the first to die with these things to pack. :P