May 18, 2011

What the Cameras Don't Show

"Philippine Fashion Week served to be a testament to the talents of Filipino designers. We have seen clothes through out the week that inspire and penetrate us so deeply that it goes beyond where beauty lies. It becomes a spiritual manifestation that these visual treats can transform into something so powerful and moving, it can even transcend death." - my quote from a previous blog entry

Days after fashion week, bloggers and photographers have have been busy uploading their articles and photos in the internet. My facebook wall can attest to that! I'll try not to talk about the clothes this time, you can see those in my previous posts. But I'd like to share to you the things that the camera doesn't catch.

Music sets the mood of the show so it's vital for the designer to consider whatever is being played in the background to enhance the garments and be cohesive with his point of view. It's difficult not to notice Russel Villafuerte's music - from using tribal-ladies-while-having-close-to-orgasm sounds in his last collection to epileptic-screaming-hiphop-rappers this season. This guy is totally out of this world!

The sound that sticked to my mind was the Emily Browning version of Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) that Jerome Salaya Ang played! The image and experience still give me chills! And how can anyone forget the orchestra version of Bruno Mars' Just the Way You Are which was played during the tribute to Louie Mamengo? Emotions filled up the whole hall that even the models were on the verge of crying.

How can we not talk about the models? My all time favorites are Ria Bolivar, Grendel Arevalo, Aya Abesamis and the great Marina Benipayo. Giselle Paqueo also worked the runway during the show that Univeristy of Santo Tomas sponsored. I saw models trip three times this season. The most memorable was from a supermodel from Ford. The next time she went to the runway (still in the same show), you can really see her frustration the face to prove herself that she's still on top of her game. Can't help but ask, galit ka teh? LOL!

I also like to mention the people from Buensalido Associates who always gave us good seats - most of the time in the second row. Special mention to Rio, our favorite usher! He's been very kind to us and was always there when we needed his assistance. Contrary to my experience with the ushers, the bouncers were really mean! The job calls for them to be rigid so even the VIPs needed to follow the protocol.

By the way - and I can't put enough emphasis on this one - there are unsaid etiquettes on the front row. It is in the least of the ideal things to eat Boy Bawang there, no matter how hungry you are. Dare not to display a fake Louis Vuitton - we are there to support originality and not piracy. No matter how much you are enjoying the show, try to control yourself from grinning too much, or if you're bored, try not to fall asleep. Remember the cameras are watching. Mag Angry Birds ka na lang in your iPad like a certain editor. LOL!

And that concludes my series of fashion week blogs! See you all next season!

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