May 16, 2011

Don Protasio @ PFW Holiday '11

While eating in Travel Cafe Philippines, we saw Mike Magallanes with designer Don Protasio. We exchanged greeting and it's a good thing Mike introduced us to Don. I've been a fan of his works since two seasons ago because he always had a clear point of view that sets him apart from different designers. His clothes stand out not because it screams, but there's a subtlety and mystery that draws you in.

His look was a collaboration with OS accessories. Don't worry, those bone and skull accessories didn't come from real animals. Don Protasion said it himself that it was a Boho-Chic collection. The way I see it, there're day wear (first three photos) and evening wear (the remaining three.) When I saw Irish Ong (last picture) stepped out, we were all blown away. It actually reminded me of a fusion between the wicked Queen and Snow White - beauty that kills.

Photos by Karl Leuterio

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