May 15, 2011

Jerome Salaya Ang @ PFW Holiday '11

Sweet dreams are made of this. Who am I to disagree? Some of them want to use you, some of them want to get used by you. Some of them want to abuse you, some of them want to be abused.

Jerome Salaya Ang kept me gasping for air! This is a designer who never fails to give me goosebumps! We journey into his made up world of savage beauty through his collection this season of dark glamour - baroque patterns and embellishments over wash out fabrics. He elevates our soul one level higher with the perfect song choice - Marilyn Manson's Sweet Dreams - and the surreal look of his models! 

This gave me fashion orgasm! Would have been better though if they used a fog machine, made the set more gloomy (because the light was strong), probably by putting silhouettes and graveyard stones and made it a one man show! Nevertheless, it doesn't prevent Jerome Salay Ang from being the designer cut above the rest!

Photos by Mark Perez
Check out some of his works here


Jeanne Khe said...

Neil! Nice shotsss! Galing mo! :)

Neil Palteng said...

Thanks Jeanne! My friend was the one who took photos! Haha! We'll upload ours as soon as we can:D