May 15, 2011

Junjun Cambe @ PFW Holiday '11

First of all, I'd like to say that we were at the front row this show so we really had a good view, and we were beside the Ambassador of Germany! Whadup?! My brother was even giving comments with him. The downside of being in the front row is you can't slouch or look ugly because the cameras are watching.

Junjun Cambe brought out the animal in us - from feather, animal bone and tribal accessories to the bold textures and silhouettes especially with the male models. It started strong with Ram Sagad in this Native American chieftain look and ended with a Marina Benipayo wearing a gown fit for an English Queen (with a Black Swan feel). I think his story/clothes tell us that even as time progress and no matter how civil we think we all are because of the modern influences, we still can't hide the beast within us. 

If you can see the two fierce boys on the far left, that's me and my brother! Oh yeah! Beside the young Ambassador of Germany.

Photos by Mark Perez
Check out some of his works here

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