May 16, 2011

Kermit Tesoro @ PFW Holiday '11

Kermit Tesoro explores the human anatomy in his collection this season with clothes inspired literally by the human heart. Compared to his previous seasons, he didn't use much props - the clothes were strong (and dark) enough to stand on their own. There weren't any abacca furniture this time! LOL! Of course everyone is still on the look out for his shoes. They were like part of the model's legs, with veins and bones sticking out. 

He didn't lose the wow factor by incorporating transvestites in his runway - yeah, muscles all the way! Xtina Super star closed the show in a dress showing the insides of the human body. Now this is a collection where Kermit really put his heart out.

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Anonymous said...

Is the last model a guy in a wig?