May 26, 2011 is a mini online magazine that showcases young, talented and promising individuals who have the ability to inspire others to push for their dreams.

It contains stories of youth who have triumphed over their misfortunes and disabilities, like Aia Arkoncel whose legs are both paralyzed because of a car accident, but still pushed for her project - Dream A Little More - that inspires and challenges thousands to believe in the "magic."

Talented artists can contribute their works (literature, photography, visual art) to our art portfolio like Kune Delgado, a graphic artist, photographer and a famed cosplayer, whose works are reflections of influences beyond our world.

Young Filipinos who have made ripples outside the country are also featured in the magazine like Don Dimanlig, the first freshman to win the Murray-Murray award in Carleton University in Canada, and whose intricate detailing won him fans worldwide.

Being young doesn't also stop Adrian Gonzales, an undergraduate from the University of the Philippines, from getting featured in Vogue Italia! His works dare to question our perception of beauty and challenge us to see the other in a new light

Of course we are very open to contributors who can write anything happening in the metro - from places, events and culture to groundbreaking insights and researches. More of that and other stories in:
Official launch: 05-28-2011

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