May 16, 2011

Louie Mamengo's Final Bow

“I want to share a piece of myself. It’s my way of giving back. I don’t want people to mourn over my death but to celebrate life.” - Louie Mamengo who died at the age of 54 of lung cancer, closing Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011

It was an emotional night for Louie's family, friends and the people who have fallen in love with him and the beauty of his clothes. Tonight's show was a tribute to the great Filipino designer who has mentored the likes of Rajo Laurel. The show started with a montage of videos from his shows back in the 80s and 90s. You can see himself bursting with life as he takes every bow, while tonight will be his last.

Aside from being the executive producer and the person who always give the message at the start of the closing shows for PFW, Joey Espino is also Louie's best friend. "Kapag nakita niyo ang minamahal niyong naninigarilyo, kunin, itapon sa lupa at tapakan niyo. Sa mga naninigarilyo itigil niyo na, sa mga hindi pa, huwag niyong subukan." Spoken with true conviction, Joey also recalled how Louie started out before being the designer sought after by socialites, celebrities...

The clothes were mostly in black, simple reminiscence of the 90s. The choice of his music were some from his old shows mixed with Bruno Mars' Just The Way You Are in a glorious instrumental rendition from a full blown orchestra.

The show ended with all the models going to the stage and Louie taking his final bow - ashes in the urn held by Audie Espino. The emotions inside the hall cannot be contained as everyone gathered around to pay their final respect for the great designer.

Philippine Fashion Week served to be a testament to the talents of Filipino designers. We have seen clothes through out the week that inspire and penetrate us so deeply that it goes beyond where beauty lies. It becomes a spiritual manifestation that these visual treats can transform into something so powerful and moving, it can even transcend death.


C Dela Paz said...

Hi! Can I use your photos for my article in Women's Journal? I'll put credits. Thanks! God bless!

Neil Palteng said...

Hi Mr Dela Paz! Of course you may, that would be an honor! Thank you very much!

Neil Palteng said...

By the way, if you need the larger file of the photos, I'll be glad to email them to you.