May 11, 2011

Tiis Ganda

When I say "we're built for this," I mean not eating for more than 10 hours and (sometimes) squeezing our feet in those tight combat boots just to watch all the shows for the day. There's something about fashion shows that attract me - there's the energy, inspiration, new faces and in some rare cases, magic a.k.a. fashion orgasm! So yeah, tiis ganda na lang just for these shows.

The Preview Kingdom below. I wonder where Vince and Liz Uy are.

I was with Kevin Mauricio and Mark Perez (and my brother's full force fashion team) the whole time and we bumped into Pau Coherco. She's a Cosmo correspondent, Chictopia blogger and my group mate for Philo class. I tell you, she's incredibly tall so I had to tiptoe here just to reach her height! It was a treat seeing her in the front row adjacent to us.

I like to thank the ushers who were really kind to us. They gave us seats in the second to the front row for two shows! It's great to have some connections!

Outfit: Cardigan from Baguio; T-shirt from Crazy Eddie's available at a boutique in Malugay street; necklace from Bacolod; bracelet from Fendi; pants from Human; shoes from 5cm.

We were finally able to eat around 12am in Shakey's Boni. That was like 11 hours of fasting! Although we're used to this kind of thing not because of Lent but because we've been doing this for the past seasons. Tiis ganda lang.

Philippine Fashion Week is until Sunday! I urge everyone to support our local designers! Please take some time to check out their designs:D

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