May 13, 2011

Ulysses King @ PFW Holiday '11

I still can't forget that hooded cape Ulysses King sent on the runway last season! I fell in love with it because it looks like nothing from other pieces I saw during the menswear collection. This season, he once again proves his versatility and flare - well literally because one of the pants were flared. 

There's a spunk in his designs and you won't get bored with what he does. I especially died for the accessories! My eyes were busy trying to spot the tassel belts, printed bowties, cowboy-inspired bolo ties... There were also velvet pieces and his color palette ranges from bright orange to deep blues. He also knows how to entertain the crowd with the 70s music, afro wigs and the way the models walked. Ulysses King, his collections will always be exciting and memorable! I literally can't wait for his next collection!

Photos by Mark Perez
Check out some of his works here

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