May 11, 2011

Noli Hans @ PFW Holiday '11

Noli Hans is one of the designers in the 10 show organized by the University of Santo Tomas. The idea behind this is that they'll showcase 10 designers who graduated from UST to show how talented their alumni are. We saw more than talent here - passion, precision and years of experience!

He's one of the top couturier in the country and it definitely shows in his works. Every time a new piece comes out, I let out a small gasp! The details are intricately made and his designs are classic. Very Filipina although I don't find them wearable that much. But maybe that's the magic behind his designs. Art for art's sake. You may look but you can't touch - it is there to inspire!

Photos by Mark Perez
Check out some of his works here

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