May 16, 2011

Albert Andrada @ PFW Holiday '11

Albert Andrada is in a league of his own. He knows how to make drama and make the jaws of his audience drop. The last time I've seen his designs, he placed his models in a crystal studded casing while wearing long flowing gowns, and in gold sequined underwear with giant vests made of hair. 

He blows his inspirations to cataclysmic proportions this time using what seems to be a Marie Antoinette peg in a display of pure brilliance. What better way can you modernize a Victorian piece by pairing it with bejeweled leggings? Legendary model, Marina Benipayo was the last one to walk and she killed it - probably the best modeling performance ever! I wish I could describe it here in detail. Giselle, Naomi and Heidi got nothing on this woman!

Photos courtesy of Status

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