May 8, 2011

Number 4 in Child Prostitution

Earlier this year, CNN released a documentary showing that the Philippines ranks four in child prostitution. We tell people this when we campaign for UNICEF. Most are alarmed by this news but it doesn't really sink in since we're in a country that tolerates unethical practices/systems (the irony is, we are in a religion-drunk country).

While we were eating in front of Seattle's in Greenbelt 3, we saw these group of girls dressed decently naman. Non-revealing tops, pants and flats. We thought they were just high school kids hanging out until this fat guy in tsinelas came. So okay, there wasn't any malice because the guy looks like an ugly father with four children na. We can't help but eavesdrop on their conversation.

"O eto dapat ang gawin niyo... tingnan niyo yun... may smile and eye contact... "

Sounds fishy! We listened more intently. A group of African Americans passed by and one of the girls asked "Hey! Where are you going? (wink)" in her most seductive way. Alam na!

The ugly guy in tsinelas was apparently the bugaw and they were having a sort of "orientation" in prostitution for places like Greenbelt. It was sick! At that point I wanted to slit the throat of the bugaw. For these girls, it felt very natural. They must have gone through a lot to muster enough courage to do what they're doing.

That Rank 4 in Child Prostitution will remain a fact or statistic unless we actually experience it on a first hand basis. Don't get me wrong on that one. It is difficult to remain apathetic once you've seen the eyes of these kids. More than pity and understanding (that they are poor and this is the only thing they can do. pweh.) a more proactive approach is required. I'm not an expert, I can only contribute awareness as of now.

These children deserve to go to school, play with their friends and sleep with their families at night.

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