Sep 29, 2011

For the Bigger Picture

I really feel stressed out because too many things have been happening all at the same time - the Soya Ice party this Saturday, an event for I'mAB, a retreat we're organizing and Manila Kid's restructuring and writing of our book.

What made matters more intense was a call I received last night from the HR of one of the biggest financial companies right now asking if I can already start working this Monday. The original schedule was on October 17, two weeks from now so I have not yet fixed some of the requirements. I had to go to the barangay office, NBI, post office, police district... just to make sure I have all that were needed.

While waiting in the long lines, I was thinking of the many commitments I still have and was trying to strategize a system where I can balance all of it. Soya Ice meetings are on Saturdays, I'mAB's meetings every Sundays and Manila Kid meetings will be weekdays night! Whew!

Having a full week isn't much of a problem. My main concern is that I hope I still remember and see the bigger picture after being immersed in a real job. This is just a stepping stone for me to achieve the bigger things!

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