Sep 13, 2011


It's like writing a thesis paper with the help of many people who share the same goals for six months, then suddenly when you're about to submit the final paper, your computer's hard drive crashes and all the files get destroyed with no back up. got hacked again and this time, I think the articles were completely erased. We were able to recover the site when it crashed the first time then several days after bringing it back up, shit happened.

It's very frustrating because aside from investing so much money and effort trying to build the concept, site and content, people are actually hoping that their articles and features get published on the site. I don't want to let anyone down that's why when the site crashed for the first time, we really tried our best to bring it back to life with a better layout and design.

I only wanted to create an avenue where the youth can share their thoughts, passions and talents so that people will be inspired to remain true to their ideals and really push for their dreams in whatever field they will pursue. Yes, there's also that nationalistic touch to it, but the bottom line is - it's for the youth of our country. This vision of Manila Kid will remain true.

The website is just a tool for the vision to be realized and if we can't sustain a dot-com website, then we might move to a smaller blogspot-dot-com site. What doesn't kill you strengthens you, and somewhere, there's a lesson to be learned here.

Actually, several hours before the website was hacked, I was talking with some friends for a much bigger project (still under Manila Kid). I won't say what it is but it remains true to the vision that was there since the beginning!

We'll keep moving forward.

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mike said...

is it planner/coffee table book? :D

anyway, jerome quinto's subtleoasis has been existing since i started blogging in 2006. i think you can ask for his help in looking for a good web provider.