Sep 23, 2011

Groping in the Dark

First of all, I'm very proud of how some of my classmates turned out. One group has the audacity to create a project that wants to challenge facebook, think of social networking, virtual gaming and real life simulations combined in one! I can't reveal the whole detail because they might sue me, but I heard they have a group of computer engineers, programmers (even a psychologist!) tinkering with the software and devices for this to work. Definitely something to look forward to!

On the other hand, my group is trying to come up with a book that, as simply put, wants to fight the "death of idealism/ambition/passion." We met a few days ago and I'm really glad that they bought into the idea of creating a guideline for the youth to help them pursue their genuine dream. Think of a less academic sounding thesis filled with case studies of real people and organized in a list of principles. It's like Sean Covey's 7 Habits but with a Filipino youth context and examples.

We felt like groping in the dark. Universities don't teach its students to write books like this so we had a hard time creating a "methodology" on how to make this happen. But there's a reason why we grope in the dark - we want to find a switch that will help us see clearer or make the room brighter.

And maybe that's our goal for the book. We've been surrounded by so much noise that we lose sight of what we are really born for. How often do we make our choices based NOT based on what the media or our friends tell us?

We've got a long way to go and I'm not sure how difficult this whole project is going to be, but when we ended our meeting, the vision is so clear and so real that you can see the excitement in our wide smiles.

I'd like to end this with my favorite quote from Steve Jobs, "If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don't have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.”

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