Sep 7, 2011

Manila Kid: As Seen on the Runway

" ngayon, isang patalastas mula sa Manila Kid!"

That's your cue! Get out now and stall while the models are still having their hair and make up! "But for how long!?" Until someone calls your attention. "WTF!" (suffers panic attack and stage fright!)

We are not new to the backstage scenes of fashion shows. The stress level is always high several minutes before the runway for reasons like the stylist isn't done putting the accessories, the make up artist only glued one false eyelash or the model still can't find her other pair of shoe.

I think no matter how much you prepared, you should always have a Plan B. A concrete example would be a model backing up on the exact same day! That happened to us, but good thing Mikey was able to save the day.

We were invited by the College of Education Student Council Vice President, Ryan Bulosan, to take part of their Buwan ng Wika celebration - Bisti: Rampa ng mga Kultura. "Maybe you'd want to showcase the Manila Kid tshirt collection?" Sure! Challenge accepted - one week to pull off a mini fashion show.

We immediately asked the help of our friends and our previous models if they can help us, and we're really thankful that most of them said yes!

Sorry we weren't able to take much photos! So much drama backstage:P

Dressing Room / Hair and Make Up

"I know models don't eat but here are two orders of pizza!" Then Aya, one of the most sought after PMAP models looked at me incredulously and said smilingly "No, no!" Ooops. Haha!

So after ten years, here are the photos!

Ironically, Alexis (below) opened the show but she was the last one to have her hair and make up. Uhm, what hair and make up? LOL!

Another male model backed out so Jonard has to take his place! I told him several times not to walk but here he is!:))

Camille (below) is one of the newest endorsers of Jollibee!!! We love her so much!

And all the way from Katipunan is KC! Glad that she was able to make it safely. Haha!

Of course, Aya was there to close the show! Loves it!

Finale walk! Clap and smile! Clap and smile!

It was a surreal moment to be seeing your clothes walk out of the runway! We were especially proud during the finale walk where the models aligned in a row then me and my brother bowed to the audience! Too bad there wasn't any picture.

Thank you to everyone who helped! From the clothes, to the hair and make up, to the models, photographers and organizers of the event! 

I can proudly now say, "Manila Kid Shirts as seen on the runway!" Haha! Details on how to buy them will be announced once our website is back!:)

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