Sep 2, 2011


I was walking around McKinley Hill yesterday, not that I was lost or looking for a nice restaurant to eat to. Have you ever experienced days where you were so inspired to act but you don't know where to channel that drive? I was so motivated yesterday to look for new ideas - specifically for a new business venture. So I had to walk it off - maybe an idea might hit me in this new surrounding.

Several days ago, I read a blog of a brilliant friend who's really into entrepreneurship. "I do not like to have a boss, I would like to have mentors. I do not like to do working routines, I would like to have ventures. I do not like to have office mates, I would like to have genuine teammates and venture associates." My exact sentiments!

Some people are born to wear corporate attires, be employed in an 8-hour a day job, earn a stable income every month and build their way up the corporate ladder. Nothing wrong with that, of course. Majority of our newly grads (and friends) take up that path. But for those who are brave (or stupid) enough to go against the flow, there's always that path of entrepreneurship.

My personal reason for (eventually) choosing the path-less-taken is that I'm not really driven by money, promotions or SSS. I want to leave a mark in the world - change it for the better and entrepreneurship will give me the freedom to do just that.

Entrep magazine was kind enough to give me a ticket to tomorrow's Eureka: Entrep Summit 2011 at SM Mall of Asia, Premier Theater from 8:00am to 5:00pm. I had to move an important meeting just for this because conferences similar to Eureka are usually priced high or are very exclusive to only top executives.

I've checked the roster of speakers and they really have the power to move you. Inspiration is what keeps me going and I'm sure they'll be able to provide that!

I asked the EIC of Entrep magazine and she told me that they'll sell tickets during the event. Be sure to come extra early because it's a free seating. I encourage all aspiring entrepreneurs to attend this event!

You may check out their website for more details. See you guys there!

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