Sep 24, 2011

New Environments and Life Changing Choices

It was boys night out in Cantina yesterday with my college friends and Katipunan has never felt so distantly familiar. The lamp lit avenue with speeding cars reminds me of night classes, org meetings and studying in the library before a long test.

They were there to celebrate the end of the week from the busy corporate world and I was basically present because I needed a break from all the hard work I do at home (blogging, editing pictures, sleeping and eating, haha!)

It's interesting that most of us change our spending patterns after graduation - no Starbucks in the morning and bring your own lunch/baon to work. Maybe it's more difficult to spend hard earned money compared to when your parents still give you financial support.

I don't know if it goes the same with others but most of my friends felt like the people around them are dumb and slow! Haha! It's like their co-workers are easily satisfied with mediocre achievements, and that they feel limited like a big fish in a small pond, where the pond is the set of responsibilities and expectations from your boss.

Then the conversation turned to me. I told them about the big news that I might start joining the corporate world soon (yikes!) and I was surprised with how they reacted! I won't be able to survive because of all the rigid rules. Haha! I better concentrate on stabilizing our small businesses. Then Dondie suggested something that sparked back another field where I used to find interest in - international relations.

There's this diplomatic/foreign exam shizz happening next year (January if I'm not mistaken) and I should try out for a career in diplomatic relations. I had dreams of becoming the Philippine ambassador to France before and that suggestion really want me to consider this path. Come to think of it, all of my organizations and volunteering back in college had a touch of international relations in them (from HPAIR to UNICEF) so this might not be a bad idea.

What do you do when you have so much interests that it opens a lot of opportunities and choices, but in the end you don't know where to go? Can't help but wonder if not having any choice is actually better.

I remember the first time we were in Cantina more than four years ago. The conversation was about subjects to look forward to, teachers to avoid and other topics that a first year college student might find interest in. I looked around and the place almost hasn't changed at all - even the people there look familiar (hey, I even saw my elementary best friend!).

The management had a choice to improve it like what McDo, Jollibee and Kenny did, but they opted not to. Maybe it's that familiarity that keeps people coming back. That no

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