Sep 19, 2011

Interview With DZMM

It's always a pleasure whenever we get invited to guest in radio and television shows because it allows us to communicate to a wider range of audience. Imagine our delight (and fear) when DZMM Teleradyo invited us to guest last Sunday in their 9-10pm show! My week was filled with meetings and events so it was only during that day when it dawned to me that I'll be needing all the skills which I learned from my philo and theo orals to survive humiliation on a nationwide scale.

I was so awestruck when we entered the ABS-CBN compound! Like, Woah! The security was very intimidating because the guards were dressed in a navy-combat-ready-for-war suit armed with there armalite rifles! 

We surrendered our school IDs then waited in the conference area of DZMM. My brother realized that our camera memory card was broken so he had to rush to the nearest grocery to buy. Thank God he was able to find a cheap one (500 pesos) else our trip won't be documented.

Remind me to bring my own foundation and brush next time. But I have to say, I can get used to all this pampering. Haha!

Our show started 30 minutes earlier! Last time we were interviewed, I was saying so much "uhms" so I had to be conscious this time. Aside from the 630 AM Station, our show was also aired on Channel 26 so we had to look "camera friendly."

I guess the main theme of our interview revolved around sustaining the passion and idealism of the youth even after they have entered the real world. I was also able to inject thoughts on corporate slavery, Christian meditation, the deceptive world of advertising and something about the power of love to change a person (cheesy?).

Fr. Jerome told us that kinilabutan siya because of the high idealism that Manila Kid wants to push for. I believe that a lot of youth are innately talented, but it is difficult to sustain it once you are faced with a job in the corporate world or things get too complicated because of relationships or family.

I told them that we'll be releasing a book some time on 2013 that intends to fight the death of idealism. It is inspirational at the same time directional. We want to stretch the vision further by producing a concrete and well researched material that our students can use to really guide themselves on the career they genuinely want to pursue.

I met with some of my high school friends to brainstorm more about this project and I'm very thankful that they are committed in making this plan into a reality. It is ambitious, I know that, but it's worth the try.

PS: Thank you very much to DZMM (Fr. Jerome and Ms. Ilsa) for giving us the opportunity to express our thoughts on a nationwide scale. Fr Jerome told us personally that he was inspired by what we said that night, I hope that goes the same to the listeners.

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