Sep 28, 2011

Duty to Your Heart

I've grown up, i think. I'm slowly starting to accept that you can't remain like a kid forever. No matter how much you run from your responsibilities, you have to face them eventually. So yeah, I think I'm slowly recovering from my Peter Pan Syndrome.

... and slowly entering my Mulan Phase. When faced with the dilemma between choosing duty versus her heart, one of the characters in the second installment of the movie was reminded by Mulan that her duty is to her heart. Sometimes I wish it was just that easy. 

By heart, I'm not talking about a romantic relationship. It's more of genuine passion. Maybe I still lack the courage to pursue it. I know what I'm entering right now is just a stepping stone, even if I have to swallow what I've been "preaching" the whole time. I'm still not losing sight of the bigger picture though.

Another thing, I have to learn conversational mandarin/fookien as soon as possible or else I'll be racially discriminated (i think). I've never felt so Filipino in my life (which isn't really a bad thing.) So if anyone of you knows a class that I can attend to help me learn Chinese, please feel free to tell me.

I know I sound vague but I'll share the big news once everything has been settled. Stay tuned!

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