Sep 2, 2011

First Radio Guesting

We attended Smart Netphone's Media Launch last night in Republiq and I kept telling my brother and Tatie to restrain me when I start screaming (yes, clapping isn't enough for me) because we have a radio guesting the next day for Coffee Break on DZRJ 810 AM Radio. After some bacardi and vodka mixes, plus two shots of tequila, I was screaming like there's no tomorrow - cheering for this guy who just won himself a netphone. Not a big thing really, I just want to scream. Haha!

Then earlier this morning, my voice was very hoarse! Pahingi ng salabat! Kidding! It took me a while to wake up and dress for the "event." Their radio station was just in Makati Ave so it was very convenient for us. We arrived extra early so we ate breakfast first in Wendy's. By breakfast, I mean coffee jelly frosty.

"Are you twins?" 

Presidential Adviser on Environmental Protection, Sec. Neric Acosta, was the one who interviewed us. I've met him before during our National Conference last January and we felt very comfortable to talk with him.

This was the first time that we're doing a live interview (the former ones were taped) so committing a mistake is not an option. We don't want hundreds of listeners to think that we're barok or something! Haha!

Jonard: "Well back when we weren't famous..."
Me: (in my head, wtf! famous ka na ngayon?)

There were several flaws with the interview, I was saying "uhmmm..." a lot of times and my brother didn't know what to answer when Neric asked him something about advertising. But overall, it went well and I'd like to think that we were able to impress Neric Acosta and their listeners. "You are very ahead of your time," he told us.

I don't know what's more nerve wracking, job or radio/tv interviews? In both cases, you have to impress the listeners and look good.

I'd like to thank DZRJ for allowing us to express our ideas regarding the state of our country, the youth, advertising and even fashion. Haha! Also to I'mABosco for my outfit during the interview;)

We're scheduled to do another guesting! Catch us on September 18, Friday from 9-10pm on DZMM!:D

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