Sep 6, 2011

Do You Know How to Touch a Girl? Part 2

Semi continuation of Do You Know How to Touch a Girl? Part 1

Several nights ago, Marion and I watched the last screening of Final Destination 5 in Glorietta, just like old times. Allow me to warn you that the movie gave us a headache because of the morbid scenes! I kept screaming "WTF!" and "WHOA!" Adding to the stress was this fat long oily haired gay in front of us who was constantly updating his facebook through out the movie. Like seriously, have you heard of theater house ethics?

After the movie, we grabbed some midnight snack in Greenbelt. When I usually go out with a high school friend, the conversation always finds itself in gossips - what happened to who, where is who now, who did who (kidding)... That night was much different because there was a more serious tone in the conversation. Instead of talking about what happened in the past, we became more forward looking that night - career and relationships.

It's weird because we talked about settling down with the right partner (yes, ironically after watching a horror movie). Someone whom you'll court for several months (or years). There will be petty fights but you'll always manage to make up. Someone whom you can share your best memories, hold hands with publicly and introduce to your parents. Someone who'll bear your sons/daughters and take care of you when you're sick. Someone whom you may grow old with. I think this song captures what I had in mind that night.

"... All i want to do is grow old with you... I'll miss you, kiss you, give you my coat when you are cold. I need you, feed you, I'll even let you hold the remote control... Oh I could be the man who grows old with you..."
-Adam Sandler, The Wedding Singer

It makes me smile whenever I see an elderly couple who looks at each other like they just got home from their first date. My dad, on the times when he had too much to drink, introduces my mom to his friends like they are a new high school couple. There's still the kilig.

Unfortunately, we know some friends who oversimplify relationships like it's a form of entertainment or hobby. Can't help but ask if it's really love or fear (of being left alone) that's binding their relationship together. Some relationships are even purely grounded in pleasure. In the process, you both destroy yourselves and in some cases, you cross that "point of no return" when you have fornicated too much na may mukhang ihaharap ka pa ba to your future husband/wife?

If you are "tempted" in whatever that word connotes, ask yourself if you can still be the best person to your future husband/wife with the decision you are about to make. The best gift a guy can give to his girl are not expensive jewelries or a trip around the world. I think it's years of discipline and dedication that you prepared your body and mind for her.

This doesn't mean that once you had a previous girlfriend, you can't be the best already. As long as the choices you made are fundamentally grounded on love, I think you're in the right path.

But what is love? That's another story.

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