Sep 29, 2011

Isang Litrong Pag-Asa

This video popped in my facebook newsfeed this morning. It's about this small impoverished village in San Pedro, Laguna where the houses are so closely packed together, light cannot even come in. It was dark so people mostly stayed outside their houses... until "Mang Demi Solar" arrived with the solution of using plastic bottles which would harness the power of solar light and project them inside the homes. Think of it as recycled substitutes for electric powered light bulbs which can generate up to 55 watts. Watch the video and be inspired!

"Parang katulad na rin ng bumbilya. [Ang] dati nating nakakalimutan, napakinabangan natin ngayon." They don't need Meralco after all. It didn't came as a surprise when I found out that this was from the group of Illac Diaz. I definitely wanna be like him.

I think beyond giving light to the villages, the group who invented this continues to give us hope and inspiration  Solutions don't need the backing of millions of pesos or super complex scientific / technological breakthroughs.

Visit Isang Litrong Liwanag to know more about the project.

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