Sep 23, 2011


If you've been following my blog, you would know that I have this obsession with bamboos. Aside from looking very elegant, bamboos will be the next big thing when it comes to construction material because it is easily renewable and very sustainable. That's why I can't wait to put up my bamboo farm soon, as in within 2 years soon!

I was invited to come to the press preview of Philippine School of Interior Design's exhibit dubbed as "Jak en Poy" to view the 20 booths of it's Adanced Class 2011. 

"The exhibit takes the audience on a trek through childhood games, in corridors showcasing sustainable materials “Bato” (stone), “Bakal” (steel), “Papel” (paper), “Kawayan” (bamboo), “Semento” (cement or concrete), “Salamin” (glass), “Plastik” (plastic), “Goma” (rubber), “Kahoy” (wood) and “Putik” (mud or clay) applied to 20 interior design booths that evoke different moods and styles, conscious of the concept of designing for a better world."

I was more excited when I learned that the theme for Aivan's booth is bamboo! When you're at the center of the room, you would feel like you were standing in the middle of a bamboo grove. Each section of the bathroom is enclosed in a cylindrical space which makes the room cozy even though there concrete is used for the finishing.

The theme of the booth beside Aivan's is also bamboo, but they used the smaller kind here. We are familiar with how bamboos are used in the provinces to build huts, but both of the groups made bamboo look more sophisticated and expensive.

This is actually my favorite section of their booth! The texture created looks like cork, although those are baby bamboos cut and and sandpapered to perfection! I seriously want to take this home. Haha!

And this is Aivan who colored his hair for the occasion (i think) since bamboo is green.

The whole exhibit will be open to the public from October 1 to 30 at the former Super Savers Club, beside SM North EDSA!

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mike said...

neil, we have a 2-hectare bamboo farm in bulacan. nobody plants them there. they just grow like congo grasses. i'll be your bamboo supplier someday! hahaha