Oct 1, 2011

Vision 2020

I was supposed to go to Batangas today to deliver the stall and sink for Soya Ice, but I just asked my driver to do it because I was so sleepy this morning. Anyway, while I was waiting for my NBI clearance to be processed yesterday, I watched (for the nth time) The Devil Wears Prada in my ipod and well, the character of Miranda Priestly really sent chills up my spine. Inspired is an understatement.

By the year 2020...

It's 9:00 am and before my driver drops me off the tallest building in Shaw boulevard, he texts assistant one that I'll be coming up in 15 minutes! Assistant one panics and warns the whole team - editors, writers, creatives, staff... that I'm on my way to the building. The whole floor exploded with energy while they try to look their best - everyone starts wearing their sky high stilletos, they tidy up their work tables and assistant one makes sure that my Starbucks is ready on my glass table.

The guard opens my yellow Camero. People sees this young looking guy holding a black umbrella with a silver tip and wearing Junya Watanabe red brogues, black harem pants and a crisp white polo from Calvin Klein underneath a sweeping hounds tooth patterned cape. I go pass the security guards and people part like the red sea for me to pass. The elevator doors open and I'm the only one who enters.

The clicking of my umbrella makes people alert that I'm approaching. Upon the opening of the elevator, assistant one greets me with her pen ready to jot down all the errands and reminders I'm about to say for the day. I finally arrived at the hallway to my office. Assistant two immediately gets my cape and umbrella and I settle on my desk fronting an overlooking view of the Wack Wack Golf and Country Club.

This is the life!

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