Aug 31, 2011

Do You Know How to Touch a Girl? Part 1

Roughly six months from now, my sister will be attending her first prom so you can just imagine the chaos that's been happening in our house! Who is she going to wear? My mom promised her that she'll splurge on her gown since she's the only daughter. Jun Escario? Sassa Jimenez? Mag Kermit Tesoro kaya? I personally recommend Ivar Aseron. Anyway, this brings me back more than four years ago during my senior year prom.

The first thing that we thought (aside from what to wear) was who am I going to ask out? The thing with bringing girls to prom is that (as insensitive as this may sound [hello, high school]) they can be seen as your "trophies," especially in an exclusive boys school. The prettier your partner is, the more that your batch mates will be impressed. It's like bringing a Lamborghini to school. Mikey brought Eunice, a super pretty chinita girl from CSR, the year before so I wanted my prom date this year to be equally stunning.

I texted Andy, a friend I met in St. Paul during our interaction with them. She told me to ask permission from her mom which I bravely did! It was my first time to do that so my voice was shaking over the phone the whole time. Her mom agreed after telling that we'll drop Andy to her house in Greenhills with a Mercedes Benz. Problem solved! Later, I learned that her dad is a general who is currently out of town. What are the odds if I asked the permission directly from her dad? Yikes!

Back then, one of the famous prom songs was Jojo's Do You Know How to Touch a Girl? Aptly fit if you ask me. Everyone was almost finished eating their dinner when they started playing some songs signaling us that the dance floor was now open. After a few upbeat songs, they dimmed the lights and switched to the prom music genre. I asked Andy to dance with me and I noticed that her gold body hugging gown looks great in the dimmed lights!

And then came that awkward where-do-i-put-my-hands moment. After peeking over the other couple dancing - guys on the waist of the girls, girls over the shoulder of the guys. Whew! It's weird when you hold the waist of girls because you feel how they are incredibly fragile. I mean, I tried to touch her as gentle as possible because she was too thin that I think I could break her if I get too excited! Haha!

I'll spare you from more awkward and medyo embarrassing  details, but after several minutes, her dad surprisingly called telling her that he's outside the lobby of Makati Shang and it's getting late so Andy had to go home (when the fun was just starting.) I checked my watch and it was pass midnight. Alright, so I accompanied her to the lobby of the hotel. Her gold sparkling gown looking more incredible under the chandelier! I bid goodbye, "thanks for the unforgettable night." Another hug, then I went back to the party.

Realizing that my sister will be attending her first prom makes me wonder if boys these days still know "how to touch a girl." Figuratively, of course. You can't blame parents (dads, specially) if they are extra careful with their daughters because they used to be boys as well whose imaginations can sometimes run wildly. How many can still look a girl in the eye genuinely and sincerely, appreciating her for her beauty and stopping at that?

I really don't know, but I still trust that men are naturally courteous and respectful. I think when externalities (like trying to impress your friends or that one has to conform to what one thinks is the widely accepted norm) are factored out, we can observe that men still know how to touch a girl. In Jojo's words: "thoughtful and kind, cares what's on [her] mind." Those and many other qualities.


ilsy said...

this is the cutest thing ever, interesting post I've read so far! that song too reminds me of old school days and the meaning of the song reminds me on how to choose a real man, which most girls tend to forget since they're blinded by love. Nice post!

Neil Palteng said...

Thanks ilsy!:D