Sep 13, 2009

Wild Wallpaper

For two weeks, I've been thinking of changing my caramel/ darksalmon pink walls (as seen in the header) and pale purple ceiling into something more lively. I came accross this article and it inspired me to ask my dad to consider some of these designs.

Viesso’s Hang & Paste boutique showcases their wide range of unusual wallpaper patterns. Wallpaper is quite an easy way to decorate your home; simple creative decisions can instantly give a stylish mood to any room.

Each one evokes a particular mood and draws your attention. With these wild wallpaper designs, even an empty room can look full of energy and life.

And this is my personal favorite. (but not orange - more like green)

I think it's time to hire a professional graphic artist (my brother is volunteering to paint the room, hell no) and ask him/her to copy this to the wall.

Don't you just love Prada Trembled Blossom? Can't get enough of this commercial.

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