Sep 22, 2009

My Simple Request

After exactly a month, Embassy remains to be closed. I am whining not because I go there often but if you'll visit Boni High Street and Serendra, most of the beautiful people of the metropolis who always made tambay there (which we are fond to stare at) are gone, nowhere to be found in Taguig.

Going there feels like drinking ice tea without ice, or coloring a zebra with only white paint.

The McDo which is usually full at of people tired from partying around 2am is almost empty, except for a couple of foreigners and call center agents.

I don't know what happened, maybe they all transfered to Eastwood or Jupiter St. or Alabang but please, I ask the mayor of Taguig to reopen Superclub because a lot of businesses are getting affected:P

All you see are these skater freaks which gives me the chills.

Who to blame: the businessman who was stabbed. Stupid old people.

I hope they open just in time for Mikey's birthday on saturday:D I have this stellar outfit na kasi.

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