Sep 29, 2009

The Great Manila Flood

I highly encourage everyone to go beyond ourselves this week and help out in every possible way we can. There are a lot of NGOs who seek volunteers, so instead of wasting time in facebook, watching TV or doing homeworks, let's help by offering our service or at least donating dry clothes, food, medicines, sleeping mats...

So as soon as you finish researching on how you can help the victims, get off the internet and mobilize.


Tropical storm Ondoy flooded thePhilippines with a month’s worth of rain that fell in just six hours. Typhoon Ondoy caused severe rainfall that resulted in the worst flooding of Manilain more than 42 years.

Ondoy poured approximately 13.4 inches of rain on Manila in just six hours, close to the 15.4-inch average for the whole month of September. Typhoon Ondoy beat the previous record of 13.2 inches recorded during a 24-hour period way back in 1967.

The Philippine government declared a “state of calamity” in Manila and around two dozen provinces that were overwhelmed by the storm. Because almost, if not all major roads were clogged by severe flood and filled with stranded motorists, Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo had to take the Metro Rail Transit (MRT), an elevated commuter train, to reach the disaster council office.

The National Disaster Coordinating Council (NDCC) has released its hotlines to everyone who may be in need of assistance. The army, the Red Cross, and even the United States Embassy have been asked for and giving aid to flood victims. To ask for help from your local government units and the NDCC, dial any of the following numbers:

  • 911-1873
  • 912-5668
  • 911-1406
  • 912-2665
  • 911-5061
  • 734-2118
  • 734-2120

And can someone explain why Gloria can waste 20million pesos for a night out while the National Disaster Coordinating Council only has *13* rubber boats!?! God please have mercy on her when Satan grills her in his fiery mouth.

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