Sep 13, 2009

Not Everyone Ends Up Worm Food

Incorupptibles - it's an interesting and bizarre phenomenon, definitely has divine intervention here. When I was in elementary, the priests told us a story about this guy named Don Bosco whose body has been lying in Turin Italy completely preserved and if we are to do our ordinary duties extra-ordinarily well, then maybe we can be like him.

There is a way to thwart the process of decomposition. For centuries, the Roman Catholic Church held that individuals of the purest faith remain in a lifelike state after death, their bodies resisting the decay of the grave.

Another good example here is St. Bernadette Soubirous, who saw Our Lady at Lourdes and who now lies in a glass coffin at her convent in Nevers, France. Though she died in A.D. 1879, she is as lovely as she ever was.

This phenomenon of incorruptibility is often accompanied by a sweet fragrance, known as the "odor of sanctity," which has been described as being unlike any known perfume.

I'm just curious, is incorruptability the result of a person's spiritual or religious life? Because if it is, then I'd better start giving alms to the poor and helping old people cross the street. It would be such a waste for a body like this (referring to my body) to be decomposed after death.

And this is just plain scary... and sad.

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