Sep 29, 2009

To Koreans Calling The Philippines Monkey Island

People don't crucify me (yet) for wanting this sooo much at this moment of crisis.

Katie Eary's S/S 2010 Inspired by Willian Burroughs' Junky and Naked Lunch Autopsy

I've donated a good deal of my clothes and jackets. I've even wrestled / cat-fought with my brother to donate his Seditionaries666 Bondage Jacket (I've worn this in one of my blogs about being chained up).

I've seen pictures and videos of the volunteers packing and distributing relief goods to the victims and it's overwhelming to see people from all walks of life in action. Good job guys!


To those Koreans calling the Philippines monkey island, nasa amin ang huling halakhak!

People from all nations will one day wake up and realize that the Filipinos have assimilated so much in the international society that they'll be breathing, eating and shitting Filipino culture from morning till evening.

And you'll see me being carried by racist Koreans in my golden carriage with that golden mail costume by Katie Eary while fanning myself with a peacock feather fan made of butterfly wings. Kidding!

But seriously, stop the racial insults. They're really offensive. Remember where you came from Koreans.

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