Sep 16, 2009

Panggagahasa ni Fe

Sino ba si Fe? At sino ang ginahasa? And why do film makers always have to make films with steaming allusions to sexuality?

As a film maker (of 3 official short films and 3 more experiments), I think films with provocative or slight reference to sex send out the most powerful political and social messages. I'm not talking about pornography, goodness. If you are not convinced, look at this example:

Which is stronger: "Gloria Arroyo steals from the country?" or "Gloria Arroyo rapes the country dry?"

Looking back at history, personalities used the same "technique" to express their message against the pains of the country. Luna had his barely clothed female paintings which was the metaphor of a bruised Philippines. Rizal had his dozen lovers who i find very controversial (no relation to my thesis, anyway...)

“for its mediations on the plight of Filipino women in a provocative tale that blurs the boundaries between the mundane and the mysterious, the real and the fantastic.”
– Francis Bolisay,

Ang Panggagahasa ni Fe
(Special Jury Award, Cinemalaya 2009)
ni Alvin B. Yapan

Watch the film because not only will you be entertained, proceeds will go to the Ateneo Scholarship Foundation and a women's charity institution

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