Sep 16, 2009

Notice to My Readers

Last night, I received the creepiest text message from one of my readers. It wouldn't be creepy if that someone texted me in the morning, but the situation is:

I drank my 2nd coffee for that night because I had this Marketing Case and Market Segmentation paper due the next day. I was dozing off in front of the monitor when my "Victoria's Secret" phone vibrated . I jumped! (must have been the caffeine). The number wasn't registered in my contacts so it spooked me out. Who would text at 11:57pm?

Then I read the message and the words "young girl, 1918-1920, and embalmed" showed up. Oh shit! I almost cried as I screamed. The hair on my back stood up as cold sweat dripped from my temples. I felt like the hands of a cold dead orphan is holding my legs. And after a series of unmentionable embarasing events, i found a clue to who the mystery texter was.

He called me "Venice", and only one person calls me that.

Apparently, he adviced me to look up on this dead kid who was named "Sleeping Beauty" because of her pristine condition after almost a century dead. (In lieu of my last blog's topic - "incorruptibles")

The moral of the story is: Don't text me in between 10pm to 7am especially if the subject is scary (death, ghosts, monsters, Susan Boyle or more than 2,000 calories per day.)

But I really appreciate those people who text, ym or email me and says something about what I write:D

Thank You.

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