Sep 29, 2009

Nasaan Ang Diyos?

Why does God allow suffering to enter the world (wherein most of the people affected are innocent)? A lot of children and elderly have been stuck on their roofs, hungry, cold and desperate for help. Families have lost their possessions and loved ones because walls collapsed. I even heard over the radio that there's this woman who's about to give birth and she was still stuck on their roof.

And you still see these thieves from Malacanang Palace feasting on the opportunity to make themselves look good. Sorry but I don't see sincerity in them. Anyway...

The question on suffering, evil and pain has been as old as humanity. I was listening to the priest's homily this evening and he said that although this is a mystery (suffering) we cannot comprehend, we must not forget a higher value that outweighs suffering - LOVE.

I'm concerned because people may think that God has abandoned them. New storms are set to hit the Philippines anytime this/next month and other areas are yet to recover. I'm afraid we haven't experienced the worst, but hope remains.

It's great to see the human spirit triumph over our animalistic instincts which only seeks refuge and safety. We see a lot of people going out of their selves in order to secure other people's lives.

People have been more concerned about their neighbors. My brother and I personally went to our kapit bahays and tried to check if we can do something since our house was high and flood only reached 2 inches. We swept their floor full of muck (while still looking fabulous) and it was joy offering your service gratuitously to others.

Nasaan ang Diyos? As St. Paul has said: "You are God." He communicates. He uses a language that we can understand. Through us concerned and sincere people, He makes himself present in the world. Although much of our environment is in such chaos, try to find Him and you'll appreciate the beauty behind this. There must be a reason behind this.

It's great to see God spreading this consciousness in each and everyone of us. Consciousness that is more noble that the safety of our appliances or the food that we have stored. More important than our spotless first floors or our newly bought cars

People have been unified, we have been more hopeful, genuine concern is proven and the bigger picture is unclouded. I just hope everyone can realize that. Let's continue to pray.

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