Feb 28, 2012

Room With A View

Compared to my tiny cubicle in Binondo where there isn't a window in sight, my office here in Paragon Plaza gives me a 180 degree view of the surrounding metro. 

Makati is on the left while Quezon City is on the right. Below is the ever busy EDSA loaded with cars and billboards. On the far left, I can see Manila Bay which sparkles during sunset, while amazingly, I can still see the silhouette of the mountains beyond the sea.

Actually, I share this room with my mom as she's the one handling the operations and finances of their health and wellness company. I'm the guy who edits the marketing proposals and suggests advertising campaigns. I like how they value my opinion. Right now, as I'm typing this, she's very busy... trying to fix her broken correction tape. Very busy indeed!

I remember the facebook status message of my seatmate in Binondo, "wouldn't it be nice just once to be under worked and overpaid?" Their family owns an automobile parts supply business so she used to have a secretary who cries because of her, and she can wake up anytime that she wants. Now that she's working in a bank, she has to be disciplined. There's no place for spoiled kids in a bank.

So this was my work outfit today. I was absent from the bank because my mom asked me to go with her on some meetings today, and I guess I needed a break after getting a really good grade from my revalida. Oh yeah! I'm looking forward to more vacation this Friday because we'll be going to Canyon Cove with other bank people to relax.

By the way, I had a deal with Gillian, Nichelle and Katrina. I think they are too irritated by my "playfullness." If I anger or irritate them this week, I have to give them my one month worth of salary. Ok, fine. But if I win on this wager, they have to wait for the sunrise with me on the beach this weekend! Haha! 

Can't wait for Friday!

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